Friday, June 18, 2010

#1293 Pity I'm not at Pitti

All photos: Tommy Ton for GQ

The best style inspiration generally comes from the guys at the shows rather than the guys in the shows. Nothing beats a good runway presentation, but there's something about seeing a real life outfit put together by an individual that I find especially riveting. As far as menswear goes, Florence's Pitti Uomo is the Mecca. It's where all the menswear obsessives come out - the details are insane. It's not about fads or trends, but classic menswear worn incredibly well. That said, looking at the streetstyle photos that Tommy Ton has been taking for GQ, a couple of classic menswear trends have emerged - a resurgence of khaki, double breasted sports coats and rolled denim. Good thing I packed my beige pants.

Check it out below.


Beige pants + chambray shirt = the dopeness.

Sperry plimsoll sneakers - forget leather boat shoes.

Double breasted blazers:

That's how you tie a silk kerchief.

Rolled denim:

And just because I love green, check this suit:



oldgirl said...

god I wish N.z men dressed like this they all look so good. hope you are having fun

K said...

Those Sperry Plimsolls are amazing. As are the beige pants with braces. Wish I were there.

Emma said...

ahaha it's all the Gleason Family Uniform!
My dad has literally been wearing tan trousers and blue shirts FOREVER.

Anonymous said...

Who are those multi-colored espadrilles by?

lottie said...

agree with 'why can't NZ men dress like this!?'. this is just well-dressed and classic at its best, love it all.