Tuesday, June 29, 2010

#1321 Snapped at Paris Fashion Week - final days

Karl Lagerfeld surrounded by admirers after Dior Homme. It was lovely to witness how he responded to all the people who approached him – each one was given his full attention and all were left with a kiss. With people skills like those (alongside all that talent), it's no wonder he's gone so far.

Karl Lagerfeld's male muse Baptiste Giabiconi following suit.

Model Charlie France rushing to Hermes after Dior Homme.

Taking a slightly slower mode of transport, Kiwi expat Aiden Andrews after the Damir Doma show, enroute to Raf Simons.

Australian Andrej Pejic, New Zealander Michael Whittaker and Danish Jakob Hybolt backstage at Raf Simons.

Zambesi Man's Dayne Johnston with Michael Whittaker after Raf Simons.

Dayne Johnston and Charles Guislain – I'm not going to lie, that boy is a constant source of fascination to me.

All the boys backstage before the Paul Smith show.

Michael Whittaker with designer Thom Browne moments after his show had finished. Check the lips on Michael – it's real gold leaf.

Mark Cox and Vladimir Ivanov after Thom Browne, their last show of Paris Fashion Week.



Katherine said...

1. Andrej Pejic - is he like, the prettiest boy you have ever seen or what?!

2. Is Charles Guislain is a constant source of fascination to me also. He's so skinny! Who is he? What does he do?! How old is he?! So many questions!

Nico said...

that was a whirlwind of fun, fashion, and let's not forget, work. You gonna come home to relax? keep it up!

Cameron Putt said...

Do you know anything about Charles' background? I assume he comes from money? Always frolicking around in the latest designer garb.

Amanda said...

Charles is from Paris France and he's seventeen years old..he must come from money cause it's true, all he ever does is stomp around wearing designer clothes.