Thursday, July 1, 2010

#1324 Snapped - Jeremy Kapone

I don't care how cool or how down or how ultra-nonchalant you might be, like it or not, every single person has a kind of reaction when they meet somebody famous. Even famous people react to meeting other famous people. It could involve staring, a little flinch, a small heart attack or an all out panic attack. There's one exception to this rule – it occurs when you come across a famous person who you've never heard of before. This happened to me tonight. I accompanied Kiwi filmmakers Mark and Louis to a festival awards dinner that was set up as a meet and greet between foreign directors and French actors. There were 11 tables in the room, each filled with French stars. I'd literally never seen any of them. Not one. Our table had two, a very sexy lady whose name I didn't manage to catch (though I did incorrectly guess her age to be about 25 – she was in her late 30s), and a cool young dude named Jeremy Kapone (Jeremy's not a difficult one to remember).

Jeremy Kapone starred in the 2008 French comedy hit LOL. I asked him how he got the LOL role, and he told me it was fate. He was flicking through a magazine one day when he came across an ad asking for unknown, young, male musicians to come and audition for a part in an upcoming film. He thought to himself, 'I'm unknown, young, male and a musician, I should send my picture in.' He did so, and was soon called, but somebody else booked the job. Then, just before filming started, the director decided he wanted to drop the guy they'd chosen. The casting crew went through all the photos they'd been sent, found Jeremy's and called him up. He went in for a meeting, et voila, got the role.

Alongside acting, Jeremy is the lead singer in popular French indie band Kaponz and Spinoza. Check them out. He cited such influences as Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin and Radiohead.

In other local Paris news, Michael Whittaker and I decided to live up to our bushman reputations (as New Zealanders in France), and eat an entire rotisserie chicken in the subway today. You should have seen the looks we got. Sacre bleu! Formidable! Incroyable! Deesgusteeng Kiwiiiis!




Nicolelamour said...

Love Jeremy Kapone! So glad you do as well.