Wednesday, August 4, 2010

#1383 Gok Wan not in NZ for Top Model

Gok Wan and makeup artist Margo Regan happened to pull up outside Hotel DeBretts as I was walking along High Street this morning, and I took the opportunity to ask if the How To Look Good Naked star was in town for Top Model. His answer: an unequivocal "No". He appeared to be as dumbfounded by the rumours of him appearing on the show as I was by his extraordinary height. The guy's like six foot two! As disappointing as his Top Model no-show is for all concerned, he redeemed himself by being both really friendly, and really tall.

In other Top Model news, the TV3 crew filmed a Lonely Hearts fashion show inside St Matthews-in-the-city church this morning at 9:30. 30-odd industry folk were invited to go watch (myself not included), and all were requested to sign a confidentiality contract barring them from talking about what went on.

If anybody went to the Lonely Hearts show and would like to reveal a little of what went on, don't hesitate to email me on



ALC said...

Gok's in town to judge some sort of Specsavers competition, isn't he?

hamish said...

hey isaac where did you get your jeans from?

Isaac Likes said...

Hey Hamish, they're Simon Miller Jeans from Fabric.

Tarina Heart said...

I'm so jealous you got to meet Gok. He is a fantastic stylist.

Aych said...

O WOW!!!!
p.s. anyone know when the specsavers judging is announced? *fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...

How pathetic their confidentiality agreements are for $$$$2million??? So we're supposed to be scared of if! evidently there's a mole on set who's leaking the show like a sieve to Spy on Sunday. Follow the trail to Spy and you'll have all the answers you need. I heard there was a lot of yawning at lonely hearts show and lots of pi***ng around, sorry thats all i know!