Sunday, August 8, 2010

#1392 Spotted on GQ's The Wandering Eye - Courtney Fallow

Photos: GQ

How good is it when you spot people you know in random photos online? So good, that's how good. I was just browsing through GQ's babes-in-different-cities section, The Wandering Eye, and I came across these pictures of Kiwi model (and babe) Courtney Fallow hanging out at Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal. I guess she's traded a Milanese heatwave for a crazy-Canuck experience. Remember the joys of summer? Hot sun, bare arms, music festivals... No, neither do I. Sometimes spotting people in random photos online isn't quite as good as you thought it would be.

One more below.



Anonymous said...

courtney = super mega babe. and on the occassions i've spoken to her she has had no arrogance or air of superiority despite her good looks and modelling success, kudos to her.

Anonymous said...

^ is that you lucas?

Anonymous said...

hehe nope

Charlotte said...

She's gorrrrrgeous. And highly intelligent so I'm told. God I miss Summer too :( But I'm going to New York in 3 weeks so YEE-HAW!

Lucy said...

Hi Kid,
Missing you.
Looks like mega fun fun. Shall we get our tix to Jack soon?