Tuesday, August 10, 2010

#1394 Blazing trails

Photos: Katherine Lowe

Every self respecting man should own a blue blazer. Read any of those traditional books on dressing mores of the human male, and that's what they'll tell you. It's the perfect garment – dress it up with grey flannel pants and a tie, and down with jeans and knitwear or beige pants. For the past year or so, I've spent most of my days in an unlined, unvented, blue cotton drill blazer that has gotten rattier and rattier with every wash and every wear. There's the right kind of blazer and the wrong kind of blazer and my blazer falls neatly into the wrong box. It was time to break the cycle.

Each Friday, between one and two o'clock, I go for lunch at Wall Fabrics in Newton. After eating my one proper meal of the week, I get the opportunity to peruse aisles and aisles of wools, drills, linens, silks and cottons. It's a good time. While rummaging through the tweeds, herringbones and suitings, a particularly heavy navy twill caught my eye. I decided to give it a go.

Three weeks later, here's the finished result – a two button navy blazer with patch pockets and side vents. Just what I wanted. For the suiting nerds, I usually order an 88 regular, but this time I got a 92 short because the boxy fit seemed more appropriate. Crane Brothers did the honours, and I've gotta say it's the best jacket they've made for me so far, but also the most expensive.

And, finally, to all you budding fashion designers, make sure to stop by Wall Fabrics in your cloth-trawls. You'll never look back. I give you my personal guarantee – they're the best looking team in the business.



katherine said...

Love the blazer.

Isaac, I'm not gonna lie to you, I take a bloody good photograph sometimes. I love the last photo. It's 'caught off guard' but in a pretty way. High fives to me.

Anonymous said...

Katherine, I'm with you. That is a fantastic photograph.

Hi lilly hi lowe !


sand said...

must say- very nice. total class but beware- check in your photo for what pushing your hands in your pockets like that does to the back of the jacket. I do it all the time but here's a tip from a saleswomen at Rembrant; don't unpick (the usually stitched closed) welt pocket openings- then your never tempted to plunge your hands in and stretch your jacket out of shape!

Isaac Likes said...

Sand - they're patch pockets!

freena said...

Note to self, buy hubby a blazer for his birthday.

Note to Isaac, typo in the first line: 'tradional'.

Isaac Likes said...

Thanks Sheena, good lookin' out.

freena said...

Try She-Ra. Or Freena.


Enya said...

Looking sharp!
The boyfriend has been looking to get a spiffing suit for when he graduates and becomes a *gasp* real doctor in a few months time. Who does the best suit around would you say? Working Style? Crane brothers?


Rebeccah said...

Isaac - you are looking seriously good!
Katherine, you are seriously helping him to look good. Great photos!

Isaac Likes said...

Oh God sorry Freena, this isn't my day!