Friday, August 20, 2010

#1412 Stolen Girlfriends Club's Ram Tank tee is best in show

Photo: Katherine is Awesome

While it may seem as if we're stuck in a winter-eternal Groundhog Day, the summer collections are rolling in, and that can only mean one thing: there must be some sunlight at the end of this cold, dank tunnel. One highlight – the rolled-shoulder Ram Tank tee from Stolen Girlfriends Club's Heavy Petal High Summer range. I said it back in April when I reviewed their first ever RAFW show, and I'll say it again: that tee is going to sell units. It perfectly captures the essence of the American football trend that's been so popular over the past couple of months and (though I haven't seen it up close), appears to be quite a feat of clever design. Still early days, I know, but I'm going to go out on a limb and call it 'Tee of the Season'. Expect to see it on every hot young thing come summer.



Anonymous said...

Your blog is freakin awesome! Where can i get my hands on one of these tees????

Guy said...

PHOTO: guy coombes

LukoiWhim said...

Not loving the shirt but love SGC stuff in general. Nice blog.

Belles666 said...

yea bad crediting isaac