Tuesday, September 14, 2010

#1470 Model Perspective #4 – Winking at Cute Girls

Labour Day.

This just came in from my man on the ground in New York:
"God I love New York, yesterday I was walking to a casting at the Rivington Hotel, and as I passed the window to the lobby/dining area, I saw this cute girl. She looked up and started looking at me too, and smiled, so I gave her a cheeky wink, which made her laugh. The whole time I was thinking, 'I know that girl,' and as I got closer and closer, the hotter she got, and a split second before I turned the corner into the elevators I realized who it was........Jessica Alba!!!!!! I had just winked at Jessica Alba! I then went into the casting thinking about what I should say to her, but when I got back down she was gone!"

Lasse Pedersen at the Robert Geller casting.

Moving chair.

Keep wishing.

Taras Koltun's hat.

Empire state of mind.


The casting that went very wrong.

Starbucks – free wifi.

Going home after a long day.

Mac attack.

Boys doing dishes.

(All photos and captions courtesy of CL.)



zac said...

are u a gay or wht? but no doubt youre f*ckin handsome<3

shc said...

would be pretty stoked to wink at jessica Alba..

sid said...


Nadia said...

The guy in the very first picture looks like Jakob Hybholt! Ultimate crush!