Thursday, September 16, 2010

#1474 Model Perspective #5 – Live from the V Magazine Party

Chris with Nicola Formichetti

New York Fashion Week's not all shows, castings, model apartments and waiting around – there are also the obligatory parties that simply must be attended. These photos come from the V Magazine party, which Chris told me was the most amazing that he'd ever been to. Click below for more photos from the party, including Chris with photographer Mariano Vivanco, Vogue Editor at Large Hamish Bowles, plus Leighton Meester (who looks none too pleased to be having her photo taken) and a few other familiar faces.

Chilling at the bar with Hamish Bowles.

Axel and me.

Looks important.

Lasse Pedersen and me.

Me and Mariano Vivanco.

Robert Rae, me and Guntars.

Two Swedes.

Leighton Meester.

Package from home.

All photos and captions by CL.



Hannah Ongley said...

I would look a lot more thrilled than Leighton to be attending that party...

Hannah McArdle said...

Queen B looks like she is plotting..

Nico said...

leighton looks bored and a little annoyed. hahahaha

PonsonbyRed said...

That boy is seriously good looking.