Saturday, September 18, 2010

#1477 The Boys and Girls of New York Fashion Week by Justin Wu

Remember Justin Wu? He's the guy who made that hilarious Boys of Paris Fashion Week film from the menswear season just gone. When that one came out I said I couldn't wait to see what he did with the girls during fashion month. I was picturing all sorts of crazy antics... Natasha Poly freestyling, Sasha Pivovarova doing the robot – the possibilities were endless. In a feat of lightning fast editing, his New York Fashion Week video has just been released, and it is literally about a billion times better than expected.

Set to the smash hit We Are Family by Sister Sledge, Boys & Girls of New York Fashion Week Spring 2011 serves two purposes – it celebrates the fun side of fashion, and it shows the rest of us exactly what we were missing out on this week (insert wall head-butt here). Featuring everybody from Karlie Kloss, Freja Beha and Chanel Iman to Mark Cox, Simon Nessman, our own Aiden Andrews and even the cast of 30 Rock, Jay Manuel and Miss Jay from America's Next Top Model and Chuck Bass (!!), the short film is a wonderful reminder that fashion is fun. Lest ye forget.

Congratulations Justin, bring on Paris and Milan!



It's me said...

Karlie is so cute dancing haha

Charlotte said...

Haha, love Karlie! Love how she's about 2 heads taller than everyone else.

Corinne said...

Whooooo hooooo consider me inspired. :D May attempt a short film at nzfw!

Jasmin said...

this is so cute I had it on my blog as well :-)

tapety na komórkę said...

thanks for this one.