Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#1481 NZ Fashion Week Uniform Diary – Jordan and Anouk Rondel Day 1

Photos: Katherine Lowe

Day one at the shows, Jordan Rondel wears a Topshop coat, Jac and Jack cashmere sweater, Stolen Girlfriends Club jeans, Kate Sylvester boots. "It was cold."

Anouk Rondel below.

Anouk Rondel wears Nike baseball jacket, Gubb and Mackie tee shirt, Zara jeans, Chuck Taylors. "I like being casual and boyish."



Style_runners said...

Are you sure Jordans pants are SGC? They look like the World lobster print from the fall/winter line... http://www.worldbrand.co.nz/collections/M_AW10.php I know this is meanswear...but would they use the same print?

fashion westie said...

Like Jordans choice of coat! S'Cold out!

TH said...

nice sweater, where can i find jac+jack in auckland?