Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#1483 Backstage at Starfish

The many faces of Dempsey Stewart. Photos: Katherine Lowe

Sadly I didn't manage to catch Starfish this morning (I was judging the Moet+Chandon Couture Challenge – watch Close Up tonight for plenty of hilarity), but Katherine got some great backstage shots while it was all happening. Check out Frockwriter for a full Starfish review and a video interview with designer Laurie Foon.

Gabrielle Carter.

Gina and Dempsey.

Grace Hobson and Ariel Urlich.

Kat Riddell.

Phoebe Leonard.



anony c-house bro said...

isaac. you came to our show on friday. but we had already finished. you were dressed like my friend brian. but you didnt even notice. you poked your haid into the back room. but you didnt like it and you left. isaac. everytime i see you in ak my heart grows. nxt time you can hang in the back. we can talk about cool things like hats and brian. your sincerely. anony

Pepsitastic said...

Who's that Kat Riddell? She's beautiful and should get more work! I haven't seen enough of her.