Friday, September 24, 2010

#1511 NZ Fashion Week Uniform Diary – Anouk and Jordan Rondel Day 4

Photo: Katherine Lowe
Snapped in the (very) early hours of NZ Fashion Week day four, Anouk Rondel wears a Topshop dress, Yvonne Bennetti jacket, Dear Prudence bag and Et Vous boots. "Jzujed up."

Jordan Rondel (at a much more reasonable hour) wears a Country Road shirt, Gucci pants, Claudie Pierlot jacket and Chloe heels. "I always feel comfortable in chambray."



FuCC SLoBKs said...

You tell me brada... it's an ad campaign. Cute ditzy blonde girl who makes cakes=superior ad copy.

NickWhit said...

Where do these girls get the money to buy all this stuff? Rich daddy I think!

blank said...

So does Jordan really deserve the free airpoints she's appealing for through Orcon? I appreciate her idea for The Caker (it looks delicious!) but looking through this blog it appears she has already managed a few trips to Paris in the past couple of years. There are people who are actually struggling yet her video has had the most air time.