Thursday, October 14, 2010

#1540 Preach Amy Odell, Preach

Photo: Styleite

Amy Odell hits that nail on the head, again:
"[Cathy] Horyn might not be so shocking if she critiqued something other than fashion, like food or movies. No one wants a food critic to tell them a slice of pizza was delicious when it was actually a soggy waste of calories, or a film critic to say Sex and the City 2 was phenomenal in a good way when it may have been phenomenal in different ways entirely. In fashion, readers and those being written about expect sunshine and daisies and unquestioned Botox. People love reading Cathy Horyn because she's not afraid to rain on any display of fabulous or call fake things fake when most people would ignore the fact. Besides, she has lots of nice things to say about people, too! They're just not as noteworthy because so many fashion people auto-fawn over everything, rather than auto-question it."

Amy Odell is my favourite blogger in the world, hands down. And for everybody who complains that there's no critical writing about fashion in New Zealand, take it from her – there's little critical fashion writing anywhere. And that's what makes those few critics (who really do write the truth) so important. I disagree with her on one point though – I don't think readers always want sunshine and daisies. I reckon everybody loves the truth – except when it's being written about them.

[via The Cut]



hannahelizabeth said...

She is so right - I think it also helps that people love to turn anyone remotely critical into a figure of evilness.

ps. She also writes that people expect sunshine and daisies, not that they want those things. If fashion writers were more critical I'm sure most people would eat it up!

nigelnotrends said...

Sooo true, very interesting post from Odell. btw, that picture of Cathy is hilarious. Check out the b*tch behind her throwing some serious shade at the photographer

Caballonico said...

I LOVE THE CUT! odell makes snarky comments. sometime iono where she comes up with them! maybe a show of her brilliance ;D she's witty and she's critical, everything i like about journalists.

oldgirl said...

are you taking notes Issac,