Wednesday, November 10, 2010

#1580 Stefano Pilati is a particularly well-dressed man

Photos: Purple Diary

Yves Saint Laurent designer Stefano Pilati has been showing up an awful lot on Purple Diary of late, and the man is looking good. Favouring oversized coats with rich blazers and soft turtleneck sweaters, he has this knack for putting together looks that are luxurious – and dare I say sensual – but which still retain their masculinity. It's as if he takes the best elements from womenswear; soft, touchable cloths and unstructured coats, and incorporates them into these incredibly formal, dressed up outfits. If Yves Saint Laurent menswear looked more like what Stefano Pilati personally wears, I would be a major fan.



Non said...

You are not a "paticularly" good speller.

isaaclikes said...

My bad. Corrected now.

Emma Gleason said...

agreed. so it's a shame YSL womenswear has been underwhelming lately.

isaaclikes said...

The menswear's not been to my tastes either.

Check the old stuff though –


my jam!