Tuesday, November 16, 2010

#1587 Getting up close and personal with Lanvin X H&M

Photos: Fashion Bits and Bobs

While the whole world was going gaga over the Lanvin X H&M collaboration – analysing the promo videos, fainting at the mere sight of a lookbook and hanging off every single word that came from Alber Elbaz's mouth, it seemed to me like one thing was missing – some good old-fashioned flat shots of the clothes themselves. Don't get me wrong, I was one of the aforementioned going gaga. But I swear the thing that's gotten me most excited by the collab was seeing the clothes in their natural state hanging on a rack at the H&M showroom in Switzerland. Not that I saw it there with my own eyes, but thanks to Pascal Grob of Fashion Bits and Bobs, it almost felt like I did. Photos below.

But the best bit of all is the suit bag. Oh to walk out of the store with one of those.



Enya said...

*sigh* If only we had an H&M. Actually, I'd be happy even if they just shipped here *major sigh*