Friday, December 17, 2010

#1643 The Christmas Countdown Gift Guide – for him, a Commoners Alike X Black Box tee

I reckon a tee shirt is a fail-safe good time gift. (Unless it's one of those fratboy 'What has two thumbs and likes [insert obscene sexual manoeuvre here]' tee shirts. Steer clear of those bad boys.) For Christmas, Commoners Alike designer Jae Mills has teamed up with Black Box to create two limited edition tee shirt prints. One features an Aztec design and the other a moody storm cloud. Holla at your stocking filler! Get in quick, I hear they're already flying out the door.



chewy said...

like the cloud print. just not a fan of the cut :/
looks like a tshirt dress for a girl.

Jimmymac said...

How much??