Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#1648 The girls are back in town

Everybody's winding down for Christmas, but if you're a photographer, stylist, magazine editor or clothing label, now is the time to get shooting – our top models are back in town for the summer break. They include 62's Ella Drake (above), who was seen at The Checks' party on Friday night looking every bit the international star; Georgia Fowler, who was seen on Saturday night looking tanned and lovely; Grace Hollows who has just come back from shooting music videos in London; huge money-maker Teresa Moore; party girl Emma Champtaloup; everybody's favourite Amanda Mitchell; and let's not forget about Karla Devine. It's not often we get so many girls of that standard in the country all at once so take advantage of it people!

Georgia Fowler at Clyne.

Teresa Moore at 62 (arguably New Zealand's highest earning female model).

Grace Hollows at Red 11.

Amanda Mitchell at 62.

Emma Champtaloup at 62.

Karla Devine at Clyne.



lizzy said...

Karla Devine  reminds me of Paulina Porizkova! so gorgeous

Caro762 said...

by chance, what would you do for the magazine or other shot of Amanda Mitchell has been achieved?

isaaclikes said...

Just found out Karla Devine is back too!

Ryan said...

Dont forget Emma Champtaloup Isaac! x