Thursday, December 23, 2010

#1652 Labour and Wait is my new favourite store

Just 10 years old and situated in East London's market district, Labour and Wait is a general store that stocks heritage products from an age long since past. Specialising in homewares, kitchenwares and other everyday essentials, it would appear that Labour and Wait's owners never noticed such modern technological advances as electricity, plastic or throwaway items. Every piece is a lifelong keeper, and most are around the £10 mark. The two enamel mugs above cost just £8, and the matching teapot below, £12. I don't know about you, but I always have more fun doing household chores if I'm using aesthetically pleasing equipment. As you'll see below, this stuff looks so good I may never be able to bring myself to put it down.

Enamel teapot – £12.

Cordial bottle.

Tumblers – £10.

Throw blanket – £165.

French candles – £9.

Dustpan and brush £19.

Hurricane lamp – £16.50.

Cedar incense – £6.50.

Lavender water.

Letter postcards – £3.

Portugese toothpaste – £2.50.

Tin of twine – £6.50.

Shaving balm.

Welcome doormat – £12.

Bundle of 12 pencils – £12.

Rally car – £20.



k said...

This is amazing. I especially like the twine. Can we go there in January?

Emma Gleason said...

this is SO COOL!!!!
can you buy online?

LoulouBlue said...

Ooh love those enamel mugs, remind me of muddy wet school camps in Southland!

isaaclikes said...

I know! I'm obsessed with them. They must be indestructible too.

Good looking AND practical.

LoulouBlue said...

Exactly - the two are often an anomaly!