Tuesday, December 28, 2010

#1657 The facts of life

Photos: Ace Showbiz

1. A Single Man, which I watched again last night, is the most sartorially inspiring film I've ever seen, but I can't agree with anybody who says its storyline is as captivating as its aesthetics. You can't blame Tom Ford – Shakespeare himself may not have been able to conjure up a tale to compete with Kenny's brown corduroy jacket or George's crisp white shirts.

2. I just found out Natalie Portman is both engaged and pregnant. Why Natalie, why?

3. Roger Moore was the best James Bond!

4. Beware the Facebook multi-recipient message. Sometimes when you type in somebody's first name, you might not notice that another person with the same first name gets selected. I received a message a couple of days ago from people asking where the New Year's Eve drugs were to be procured. They were terribly embarrassed when they realised that I wasn't the Isaac they had been trying to reach. Proofread, people, proofread!

5. I have no real fear of dying, but an extreme fear of dying in a car crash. For that reason I never really go on road trips – especially around this time of year. Despite all that, I allowed myself to be coerced into driving down to Hamilton this afternoon. We just checked ourselves into the luxurious one star Ambassador Inn, which features brown carpet, cement walls and plenty of flies. Fun times! Friends, if you're travelling over the New Year, please be safe. Don't speed, don't text while driving and most of all don't drink and drive or get in a car with someone who has been drinking. Stay safe! And not just for your families, but for me too – I need all the readers I can get!



Sonnyphotos said...

erm, that's right, Isaac's gen Y is shining through here by calling Roger Moore best bond
guess you have not seen all 007's to realise Connery is Da Man !!, poor Isaac, hung up on Natalie , get over it and watch goldfinger ( or Dr. No or Thunderball or from Russia With Love )

Jenn said...

sean connery hands down...that is all

Anonymous said...

What about Belle de Jour!?
Early YSL and Catherine Deneuve. Perfect

Info said...

Are you gay?