Friday, April 30, 2010

#1212 Close Up on Michael Whittaker

Michael Whittaker was profiled by Close Up tonight, in a piece that followed him around New York Fashion Week; at home with his family; and on set at a Little Brother lookbook shoot. I've known Michael for a little over a year now. We've hung out in London, Milan, Paris, New York and Auckland, and I've kept a close eye on his developing career. I've seen him at the high points - booking Dior Homme in Paris; and the lows - running around a foreign city to castings all day long and getting the phone call that he's been dropped from a show.

#1211 Eight things you didn't know about America's Next Top Model's first New Zealand episode

Miss Jay and Colin Mathura-Jeffee with "May-oh-ree performers" on Mt Eden

Just finished watching the first New Zealand episode of America's Next Top Model. It was good - no cultural cringe and a few information gaps were filled. Here are eight things that you might not have known.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

#1210 Georgia Fowler covers Harper's Bazaar

Image: sassisam

Kiwi model Georgia Fowler (bottom, centre) will appear on the cover of June's issue of Harper's Bazaar Australia alongside Bambi Northwood-Blyth, Juliana Forge, Meg Lindsay and Stephanie Cherry, according to fashion blog sassisam. It will be Fowler's first international cover, and, as far as I know, the first time a New Zealander has appeared on a Harper's Bazaar cover since Kylie Bax circa 1998.

#1209 Fabric has 100 pairs of Comme Play Chuck Taylors

Comme Play Chuck Taylors have landed in New Zealand. We weren't supposed to get them here due to an issue with Converse licensing, but that must have all been cleared up because I've just received word from Leon at Fabric that they arrived yesterday and are on the shop floor this morning. Fabric has 100 pairs - 25 of each style (see the photos below) - lows and highs in black and lows and highs in cream. All with a red Comme Play heart. $185 for the lows, $195 for the highs. I'd get in quick, they'll sell out super quickly. I bought the cream ones in Paris, and as far as I can tell they fit slightly differently than normal Chucks - a little longer and a little narrower. Must be a Japanese thing. Or I could just be crazy. The highs are the best, the All Star is embroidered. Fresh to def.

#1208 The Brief - photos for charity

"Often, and not just in the creative world, one works to a brief. In this case, there isn’t one." How good is that sentence? It sounds like something Enya might say. Or Luna Lovegood. One or the other. The Brief is a photographic exhibition running from 29 April - 6 May at Shed 5, Deus Ex Machina, featuring limited edition photographs by Carolyn Haslett (above), Jackie Meiring, David Shields, Russ Flatt and Steve Tilley. Each photograph is a limited edition of five and will be sold with 100% of the profits going to CanTeen - supporting New Zealand teenagers living with cancer. Doors open at 6pm tonight. Go along. Buy some photos.

More photos below.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

#1207 HOLY F!CK party on tonight

First things first, I do not approve of swear words. Nor do I approve of nuns smoking. But I do like a good party as much as the next guy, so here's my spiel for Holy F!ck. I went along last week and it was a very good time. Plenty of good looking boys and girls (see below); a great venue that includes a unisex basin - perfect for keeping tabs on your date's cleanliness levels; a bouncer who doubles as a singer; and some good music courtesy of Space Creeps. "This week we are super excited to host the DFDHD-J set!," says Holy F!ck founder Connor Nestor. "We are big fans of having bands we love play for us and in this case DJ, because we know musicians generally have the best taste in music." Holy F!ck starts at 9pm at Flight Lounge and doesn't cost anything to get in. I'll be there from about 10pm. Come have a non alcoholic shot with me.

To entice you further, check out all the good looking boys and girls* you're likely to see tonight, below.

#1206 Good as Gold online shop live - saving you a trip to Wellington

Photo: Louise Hatton

Good as Gold has been holding down the quirky streetwear fort in Wellington for quite some time now, specialising in denim, tee shirts, sneakers and off-the-beaten-track designers like Henrik Vibskov and Claude Maus. All very good and well if you're a Wellingtonian, but if you're not, it's kind of like telling someone one of those 'Oh, guess you had to be there,' type stories. And then laughing. Until now. GAG's founder Ruben Bryant has just launched the Good as Gold online store. It's packed with all sorts of good (pun intended) stuff, my favourites being this sweater by Henrik Vibskov, this sweater by Wood Wood and this hat by Brixton. And for the ladies, I liked this Cheap Monday cardigan and this Cheap Monday denim short sleeved shirt. Plus there's a super fresh lookbook (which includes the photo above - holla at your snousers). Did I mention shipping was free? Well it is. Check out the screengrabs below, and then click here to go shopping.

#1205 Justin Bieber tweets, Universal Music freaks (out)

Photo: Norrie Montgomery

We're 11 hours into Justin Bieber's whirlwind Auckland trip (he leaves tonight), and the Bieber Fever doesn't look to be dispersing anytime soon. Coverage has appeared on all the major media outlets' websites, and the video footage in particular will blow your mind. Bieber himself sent out two tweets this morning, saying, "I want to be able to sign and take pics and meet my fans, but if you are all pushing security wont let me. let's keep it safe and have fun" and, "Finally got to New Zealand last night. The airport was crazy. Not happy that someone stole my hat and knocked down my mama. Come on people".

#1204 Justin Bieber Fever

I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit of a Justin Bieber fan. To be perfectly honest, I had never heard of him until about two months ago, but ever since Baby started playing on the radio, I've been into it. So when I heard he was arriving at Auckland Airport tonight, I had to camp out to see how it would all go down. I was expecting some fans (his videos have over 100 million hits on Youtube), but this was something else entirely. Teams of screaming preteens flocked the exit pathway, making all movement impossible. Posters ranged from the innocent - 'I want to touch your hair', to the raunchy - 'You've been a bad boy, go to MY room'. But the noise was something else. "JUSTIN!!!!" "Baby, baby, baby ohhhhhhh!!!!" In all my 25 years, I've never seen anything like it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

#1203 This Must Be It - your pocket sized guide to Auckland's best bits

(Full size version below)

If there's one thing I'm sick to death of, it's my friends complaining about how boring Auckland is. Like my Dad always says, (and I paraphrase), if you're disgruntled where you are now, you'll be disgruntled wherever you are - it doesn't matter where you go because you'll still be the same person. I couldn't agree more. Auckland is not a bad place to live. Incessant complainers are bad. Auckland - 1, incessant complainers - 0. So I love This Must Be It. Created by Jonny Calder at Coffee Supreme, it's a pocket sized companion to life in Auckland's inner suburbs. Filled with all the best spots - Ripe for sandwiches; Flotsam and Jetsam for knick knacks and beeswax candles; Tatty's for some quick cash; Wunderkammer for clothing, candles and jewellery; Sal's for a slice; T Whites for an ultimate hipster fix; Mondial for some fries; The Department Store for just about everything... I could go on.

#1202 The bare necessities

To make myself sound just a little bit more hypocritical after that last post, here's a list of things I need right now. Note that I said need and not want. These are necessities. Bare necessities. They include - spectacles, candles, shoes, tee shirts, pants, blazers and sweaters. First up, grey flannel pants (above), oh, and look - beige socks. I do believe this is the photo that launched a thousand ships. Fred Astaire would have approved.

See below.

#1201 Buy tickets to Frocktails, help these guys

Photo: James K Lowe

The annual Frocktails event is coming up this Saturday at Mollies. It's a glitz and glam affair with fantasy rooms curated by local designers; a fashion show; drinks and canapés; live music and DJs. Money from ticket sales (50%, I'm told), will be donated to the Auckland City Mission.

Monday, April 26, 2010

#1200 Directors play musical chairs at NZ's fast fashion firms - update

Image: Katherine Lowe

The missing link in the story of all the director-hopping going on at Barkers, MAX and Hallensteins last fortnight was Barkers MD Zac De Silva, who was staying very quiet about his upcoming plans. I have them - he's going to Moochi, where he will take on the role of General Manager.

#1199 A conversation with Murray Crane and Zac De Silva - Little Brother for Barkers

It's taken me a couple of seasons to get my head around the Little Brother for Barkers deal. I've mentioned this several times before, but just to reiterate, I worked for Little Brother for two years (2003-2005). Little Brother for Barkers is a profit share setup - Murray Crane designs the collections and owns the company, but Barkers produces and sells the clothing. The first two seasons were conservative. Plain shirts, a couple of hoodies, a casual blazer, some slim pants. The Little Brother offering, but a dumbed down version of it. Now in their third season of a six season contracted deal, this collection is a step forward on the previous two. There's still the traditional Little Brother emphasis on shirting, pants and coats, but this time around knitwear and denim have been added to the offering. Coats have quilting details; knitwear has contrast bands around the cuffs, plackets, vees and hems; and shirts are made up in crazy (sometimes over the top) patterns. It's starting to look like what Little Brother might have been, if they'd had access to offshore manufacturing and a huge retail outlet. And the best bit - the most you'll pay for a piece is $399.

I sat down with Murray Crane and Zac De Silva about a month ago to discuss the new collection, the direction forward, why New Zealand men still favour black and the lessons they've learned so far.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

#1198 Tyra Banks announces ANTM's NZ trip in weird but wonderfully stereotyped way

Remember when America's Next Top Model filmed in New Zealand? Well the episodes are about to begin, starting Wednesday 28 April (in the US). After all that time. To announce the upcoming trip (as seen in the promo above), Tyra Banks and her fellow judges - Andre Leon Talley, Nigel Barker and guest judge Whitney Port, declare how tired they are. "I'm a little bit exhausted," says ALT. "Yeah, I'm kinda sleepy too, to be honest with you," agrees Nigel Barker. "I'm so tired," groans Whitney Port. "You know, it's crazy, like, I have been such an insomniac and I have not slept in I don't know how long. I feel like we should take a power nap or something... Let's catch some zees," intones Tyra Banks, pulling out a pillow. Barker and Port follow suit. At which point an Outback Jack lookalike 'New Zealander' appears from stage left.

"I can help you catch some zeeoys."

Friday, April 23, 2010

#1197 Tobe popup store tomorrow at Huffer

(Click to enlarge)

I seem to be the last person to have heard about these here shoes by the name of Tobe, but that just gives me extra impetus to go along to their pop up store tomorrow. Worn runs from 10am till 7pm at Huffer HQ (42 Greys Ave, Auckland CBD) and will no doubt be a good time filled with shoes and revelry and maybe even some drinks and sausages? Tobe (ah ah ah) perfectly honest, I'm no sneaker freaker, but these ones don't look too bad. They're kind of like a cross between Adidas Stan Smith and Chucks, with a bit of an Encylopedia Brown bent. My jam. Prices run between $195-$205 for the lows, $240-$260 for the mids and $260-$290 for the highs. And remember folks, if we buy Kiwi, we've got it made (but I think these ones were made in Indonesia).

More photos below.

#1196 Working Style Best Dressed Businessman of the Year - Ben Ford

Congratulations to Ben Ford (Analyst, Corporate Finance, PWC) for winning the Working Style Best Dressed Businessman of the Year Award. He's the youngest guy to ever have won the award, at just 26 years of age. Very well deserved.


#1195 Working Style Best Dressed Businessman Awards

Me (dressed in a tuxedo courtesy of Working Style) and Sheida before the awards**

Last night over 500 people crowded into the Mercedes Benz showroom in Newmarket for the Working Style Best Dressed Businessman Awards. I arrived a little late and got straight to work. I had a job to do - pick out the best dressed man in the room. This turned out to be a logistical nightmare. First, the sheer amount of people made moving a ridiculous task. Second, I had to try and find out the guy's name and try to make him stay for the whole night without telling him he'd won something. It took me about 20 minutes to pick my guy. Dressed in a black pinstriped double breasted suit with a textured shirt, tie, pocket square and sweet spectacles, I was confident he was the man. I must have been really staring, because he came and introduced himself to me. Job one, check.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

#1194 Speeches, beetches

Like I said a couple of days ago, I have a speech to give tonight. It's not that long or anything, but it is to be delivered in front of 600 people so it had better be clever. And witty. Or else. I haven't yet begun to write it. So I better had.

In the meantime, here are some photos I like.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

#1193 Georgia Fowler is the only NZ girl confirmed for RAFW

Photo: Clyne

Well this is surprising. Five New Zealand designers are showing at Rosemount Australia Fashion Week (just found out about Sabatini), but so far, only one New Zealand girl will definitely be present - Clyne's Georgia Fowler. A phone call to all of the other major Auckland agencies revealed that no other girls are being sent over. Reasons included the low economic viability, the younger girls' school commitments and the simple reality that older girls just don't get booked. As for the boys, Jasper Seven (repped by Priscillas) will be there, and Michael Whittaker is a 50% possibility according to Clyne. So best of luck to Georgia and Jasper. Knock 'em dead.


#1192 Behind the scenes at a 1AM editorial shoot

The above video has just come in from Glenn Hunt - it's a behind the scenes look at a 1AM editorial featuring 15 year old Imogen Watt (she's so hot right now). It was accompanied by the following:
"Here is a brand new behind the scenes video professionally produced by Ross Stokes, from our latest issue due out end week. Maybe you could post it to enlighten people about the reality of a 1AM shoot, particularly one with a young model, and not the twisted scenario some of your followers seem to have in their minds."
Well, twisted-minded followers, what say you?


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

#1191 On dressing down for occasions

A tuxedoed James Dean - Photo: GQ

Cathrin Schaer has written an article about how New Zealanders are loathe to dress up for the latest issue of Fashion Quarterly. Truth be told I haven't read it - the copy of FQ I thought was at my house has disappeared in a poof of smoke and trickery - but I'm going to assume it's a good piece seeing as Cathrin Schaer is awesome in all respects. The reason I mention this is because the Working Style Best Dressed Businessman Awards, of which I am a judge, takes place this Thursday night. And I have to present an award. In front of 600 people. Wearing a tuxedo.

Monday, April 19, 2010

#1190 Shooting on location

Photos: thedownlowe photo

Oliver Rose shot models yesterday at a junkyard out by the airport. It was a location shoot. I'm always skeptical when people talk about shooting on location. I figure that you can just about get any background you want on most city streets. Want industrial? Shoot in front of some buildings. Want nature? Find some trees. Want architectural? Stand by an interesting looking staircase. My skepticism was proved wrong, however, upon arriving at the dump. On one side stood a set of 15 smashed up trucks. On another, yellow diggers tore through stacks of rubble and concrete waste. Around the corner, about six rusted shipping containers sat in a neat line with a bunch of ancient utes parked on top. My words were eaten. Locations trump the street. Especially when there are diggers concerned.

Behind the scenes photos below.

#1189 thedownlowe photo - Katherine Lowe has a Tumblr

Photo: thedownlowe photo

Katherine Lowe is a girl of many talents. She has Photoshopping skills, graphic design skills, blogging skills, and, now, photographing skills. She's kind of like Napoleon Dynamite but the more awesome version. (You might notice that this blog is looking a billion times more attractive than it used to - that's all due to her.) She's had this secret Tumblr account for a few months but she only told me about it last week, and now she's posting on it all the time. It's called thedownlowe photo. If you don't already have one, go get yourself a Google Reader and make it your first subscription. Do it. Do it now. You won't regret it. After all, Katherine is Awesome.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

#1188 Saturday sifting

Photos: Katherine Lowe

You know those days spent aimlessly wandering, attempting to kill time by any means possible? Welcome to my Saturday. Here's how it went down - Crane Brothers, Auckland Public Library, Bambina, Superette, One, Karen Walker, Kate Sylvester, Fabric, Burger King. Katherine brought her camera along and chronicled what was, essentially, a day of loitering.

See below.

Friday, April 16, 2010

#1187 Zambesi, Kate Sylvester, Stolen Girlfriends Club and Annah Stretton to show in Sydney

Image: Katherine Lowe

Rosemount Australia Fashion Week (May 3-7) will feature its biggest Kiwi lineup in recent years this season, with Zambesi, Kate Sylvester, Stolen Girlfriends Club and Annah Stretton all holding individual shows. I asked the designers for a little information about what they're doing over there, and here's what came back. Kate Sylvester sent though her show invite (below), which features the ideal company for a garden party - Coco Chanel, John Keats, Marcel Proust, Morrissey, NZ model Vincent Paunovic and, of course, Kate Sylvester herself (among others I can't place).

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

#1186 Directors play musical chairs at New Zealand's fast fashion firms

Image: Katherine Lowe

Buckle up, this one's got more names and titles than a Jane Austen novel and more swapping than a swinger's party. Barkers staff were shocked by the announcement this morning that both minority shareholder/Managing Director Zac De Silva and Creative Director Wade Hawkins will leave the menswear chain in the next two months. De Silva, who bought Barkers with Chris Greive in 2006, said, "I'm leaving on good terms. And I'm happy to be keeping my shares and to be staying on as a company director." He is rumoured to be moving onto a high profile position at another fashion firm to be announced shortly. His role will be taken by Jamie Whiting, current General Manager of MAX. For the past six months Whiting has been on the board of directors at Barkers, and sources say he is well liked within the company. Prior to his role at MAX, he was a protégé of Tim Glasson's and held top spots at Hallensteins and Glassons. Whiting will start at Barkers in July. He couldn't be reached for comment.

But wait, there's more.

#1185 Grey marle crewneck sweaters are having a moment

Can you imagine a better addition to SNEANS life than the grey marle crewneck sweatshirt? (Hereafter referred to as the GMCS.) Formerly the domain of American high school wrestlers, 90s skaters and John Hughes movies, the GMCS is back. And I am obsessed. It all started with Rodarte (above). Raglan sleeves, black print on grey marle - so simple, so strong.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

#1184 Twenty-Seven Names - the Twelve portraits

Photos: Guy Coombes

Part schoolgirl, part renegade fighter, part horror movie child star (girl in the bottom right corner, I'm looking at you), the Twenty-Seven Names campaign and accompanying portraits were shot by Guy Coombes using entirely new face models. Great to see the young ones supporting the young ones. There's an awkward beauty to the photos that kind of reminds me of shoots from back in the Pavement days. It's like a Britney Spears song - 'I'm not a girrrrrl, not yet a woman'. They always do a good soundtrack, those Twenty-Seven Names girls, and I'd bet my bottom dollar that Anjali Stewart is a Crossroads fan from way back.

All the photos below.

#1183 Twenty-Seven Names is good at making clothes and films

Those Twenty-Seven Names girls are like the quiet kids in class who show up, get good grades, but don't feel the need to brag to everybody about it. (Must be a Wellington thing.) Last night they unveiled their new Summer range, Twelve, in my opinion, their best to date. Inspired by 60s female artists, protesting, sexual politics, and the statement, 'Words tend to be inadequate', the clothing is a mash up of pretty vs androgyny; sailor vs hippie; dainty vs sturdy. Juxtaposition is the new singular vision, didn't you know? Accompanying the clothes is a stop-motion film directed by Michael Humphrey, the second the brand has released. And I've gotta say - if this whole fashion bizzo doesn't work out for them, I have no doubt they'll be able to make a name (or 27, ZING!) for themselves in the moving picture industry.


Monday, April 12, 2010

#1182 Rocking the SNEANS

Photo: Katherine Lowe

The last three days I've been ridiculed, teased, taunted and shunned. Beaten, laughed at, foot tripped and bullied. All by my closest friends, family and collaborators. Why? Because I've gone back to my Jewish roots and taken style inspiration from the main man - Jerry Seinfeld (though let's face it, I bear a closer resemblance to Kramer). I've been rocking the SNEANS. Sneakers with jeans. If it's good enough for the American tourist, it's good enough for me.

#1181 Double breasted, single breasted, 3/4 length, duffel - the winter coats

Double Breasted: Zambesi Camel Squadron Coat, $1495.

Gentlemen, listen up. They say clothes make the man. Don't believe the hype. Coats make the man, and here's why. They lengthen the body, give you stature and they make you look like you know where you're going. Do you want to be a businessman or a business, man? (You want to be the latter. Get a coat.) This is an offering of coats available here in New Zealand right now. Plus it's the first shoot I've ever done specifically for the blog. I hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

#1180 1AM's Glenn Hunt facing bankruptcy

The Herald on Sunday reports today that 1AM's Glenn Hunt has had bankruptcy proceedings launched against him by North Shore based printing company MH Publications, following an unpaid debt of $31,238. And they're not the first company left out of pocket for printing 1AM. PMP Maxum Ltd had Wish Publishing, 1AM's initial parent company, placed in liquidation in May last year for further unpaid debts. According to the article, Hunt said that 1AM had struggled to obtain advertising as a result of the recession, and that printers were more hardline on late bills. While it is true that the recession has caused plenty of problems for the publishing industry, I can't help but think that had Glenn Hunt chosen a different path for his magazine than raw, often compromising photos of scantily clad, young-looking girls and boys (the same issue that caused severe complications for his former title Pavement), said problems with finding the advertising dollar may have been alleviated.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

#1179 The first book of New Zealand fashion

New Zealand Fashion Design gets released today. It's essentially the Encyclopedia of New Zealand Fashion, published by Te Papa. New Zealand Fashion Brittanica if you will. Containing profiles of 25 designers, a catalogue of imagery and a couple of essays about the industry - important moments, the 'New Zealand look' (though I don't think anybody actually believes in that anymore) and the key players - the book is big. Five kilograms big. It's a tome.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

#1178 Diggy Simmons is fresh to def

Remember Diggy? I met him in New York last September. At the time I wrote,
"He's 14 years old, rich, famous and obsessed with fashion. The son of Rev Run from Run DMC and star of MTV reality show Run's House, Diggy has his own blog where he posts daily about his favourites in fashion, architecture and style. He's even coming out with his own clothing label (rumoured to be called Space Age) in the near future. I ran into Diggy sitting in the front row at menswear show Duckie Brown this afternoon. Standing at about 5'5" and looking fresh in a preppy Kanye West/Pharrell Williams inspired outfit (dark glasses, cardigan, shirt, bow tie, raw denim jeans, white Chucks and of course Louis Vuitton monogrammed cellphone wallet), Diggy was the quintessential child star. Poised, approachable, professional and more than happy to have his photo taken. The kid could throw out a toothy grin like the best of the supermodels backstage. The only difference - those supermodels never seem to have glistening (and I mean glistening) silver braces adorning their pearly whites."

#1177 A moment in time

Photo: Vogue Australia

My family has a bach in Hanmer Springs. I go there about once every two or three years. Whenever I walk in, it's always like a mini time capsule of the last time we were all there together. Tables are strewn with old copies of New Zealand Listener, House and Garden, Time and Life, and the firewood box is littered with ancient newspapers. This time round, I found the October 2007 copy of Vogue Australia. Gemma Ward on the cover in multiple colours, and a Ralph Lauren 40 year retrospective inside. I got obsessed with the Magdalena Frackowiak Ralph Lauren editorial. It's part French and part WASP and exactly how a society lady should dress. Nothing beats classic elegance.

Full editorial below.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

#1176 Scrap Wall's new K Road store One - menswear from an aesthetic purist

Photos: Scrap Wall

K Road will see a new store open this Thursday, created, curated and supplemented by Scrap Wall. Named One, it will stock, "Beautiful simple things," says Wall. "Art, objects, fashion, function - all with a clear aesthetic." One is located at 504 K Road, in the former MAW space, down the Ponsonby Road end, next to Hailwood. Alongside Wall's own designs - boxer shorts, shirts and more, it will feature a men's recycled programme - secondhand clothing selected by an aesthetic purist - no doubt saving us gentlemen a trip to Savemart. Wall's retail history includes several stints at Wunderkammer (in between spells overseas), and a managing role at The Corner Shop in Sydney, so expect to see an international leaning in the offering (though there's no word yet on whether he'll be stocking imports). It's the first flagship Auckland's had in a long time, and the first menswear specialty store we've had since I can remember. As you can imagine, I'm excited to see it in the flesh - and I've heard very good things about those boxer shorts.

Store exterior shot below.

#1175 Mum knitted me a sweater

Mum knitted me a sweater. It took her three months. On and off. Lots of measuring, remeasuring, tinkering, pattern changing, unwinding and reknitting. I'm a fussy customer. The lion's share was already done by the time I got to Christchurch this weekend - arms, front and back, but the tricky stuff - the multi-coloured vee, ironing out the seams and sewing it all together were done on Sunday. It's navy blue with a cream and pale blue stripe detail at the neck. Made to measure knitwear. How we do.



Monday, April 5, 2010

#1174 A story told with pictures - Entourage

Vinnie: Where are you headed?

Friday, April 2, 2010

#1173 Blog birthday

Isaac Likes turned two yesterday. Hurrah! It also passed the one million page views mark. Double hurrah! To celebrate, I thought I'd select a few of my old posts that might make you laugh. There was that time in Paris when I broke my (now) ex-girlfriend's grandparents' front door and locked them out for about four hours. Or that time I made a video about shaving and moustaches for Movember. Or that time I thought I was going to get buff. How about that time I decided I wanted to become an investigative reporter and blogged about Runway Reporter closing down - and got fired from my magazine job as a result. Have I mentioned my love affair with Boyz II Men? Flat tops? Dressing like a schoolboy? Some things will never change. Anyway, thank you all for reading, I do appreciate it. And special thanks to my extra good friend Katherine (she's awesome) for making me the birthday poster. Thank you, thank you, thank you. A thousand times thank you.

I'll leave you with a video (below) of that time I interviewed Mark Hunter (The Cobrasnake) and Tallulah Morton at the Skycity Grand Hotel. Good times.

#1172 Non-alcoholic shots

Me (drinking Macs Ginger Beer), with Michael and Steve Whittaker

The night before last, a bunch of us went out. For the third time this week. We ended up at Longroom on Ponsonby Road. If you haven't been there, imagine a long, semi-upmarket bar filled with tanned, 30/40-something year old Ponsonby businessmen and tanned, 18/30-something year old blonde girls searching for the former. That's a very sexist statement, but I'm sure it's the truth. Anyway, it's always packed. And always packed with excited people. It's a nice change from the cultivated nonchalance of most DOC-goers. There's nothing like a bar filled with hipsters to suck the fun right out of your night.

#1171 First look at Tulia Wilson's Selftitled debut collection


Ex Zambesi designer and Ksubi Creative Director Tulia Wilson's label Selftitled will be stocked exclusively in Auckland by Black Box Boutique from Tuesday. The collection was first rumoured around the docks at Sydney Fashion Week last year, though nobody seemed to know what, when, where or how. No matter how hard I tried to weasel answers out of Wilson's partner Neha Belton (a former boss of mine at Wall Fabrics), my best efforts were fruitless. But good things come to those who wait, and first shots from the Selftitled debut lookbook have just emerged over at Black Box Boutique's blog. If I had to put a name on the style (and bear in mind that these tiny photos are the only ones I've seen), it would have to be caviar grunge - think micro minis and biker shorts in leather, lots of lace and boy sweaters.

See the rest below.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

#1170 Terry Richardson spells his own name wrong in Ben Stiller video

Screengrab: Terry's Diary

I hate to be pedantic, and I understand that spelling doesn't come naturally to everybody, but regardless of that, I do believe that no matter who you are or where you come from you should be able to spell your own name properly. Meet Terry Richardson. Famed photographer, scandal magnet, shaker of the President's hand, and now, bad speller. The latest video on his photo diary features Ben Stiller monkeying around pretending to be Terry Richardson. That's fine. But here's the problem. Terry Richardson's name is spelt incorrectly in the opening credits. It reads TERRY RICHARSDON. Spell check fail. Some assistant is going to get a slap on the wrist. Or the behind. This is not an April Fool's Day prank. Click the link above. See for yourself.


#1169 Kate Sylvester (and me) rat-pranked for April Fool's

Gather round children, this is a story about the importance of fact checking. I was out watching the Tua fight (HOLLA!) late last night when I received an email from 'Martha' saying: "I was walking past Kate Sylvester this evening when I saw this...have no idea what is going on but there seems to be some sort of infestation!!" Me being me, I got all excited at the thought of a tail (ah ah ah) full of romance and rodents, but it turned out to be nothing more than subterfuge and trickery.