Monday, January 24, 2011

#1704 Fun times (and free donuts) at Paul Smith

Photos: Katherine Lowe

I always enjoy a Paul Smith show. There's something to be said about a guy who books real, rough looking men alongside the typical smooth-skinned teenage waifs – and then dances down the runway with them, laughing as they throw up bunny ears behind his head. It's a good time. Add mountaineers' polarised glasses, leather rucksacks, duffel coats and mustard yellow cardigans like we saw today, and I'm sold. Plus there were free donuts outside!



Rebeccah said...

That first suit is amazing. LOVE the colour!

Rebeccah said...

PS from the Margiela photo - who knew Selwyn Arbuckle had taken up modelling?!

JessM said...

Everything here is awesome. 'Specially the mo. J x

rich said...

isaac, this is easily my favourite of all the shows you have been to. have you been disappointed slightly so far? the sartorialist mentioned on his blog that the shows he had seen (some of the same ones as you) had been disappointing. i can't lie - the flared pants coming back makes me a little nauseous.

Pierre St Emilion said...

Paul Smith and Margiela Fall are the only two collections worthy of a comment, in my humble. Thank goodness someone has taste.

Pierre St Emilion