Tuesday, February 1, 2011

#1714 Meet Taro Ray – our new favourite Japanglishman

Taro Ray is a Central Saint Martins menswear student who became our new best friend when we all shared in the collective humiliation of being refused entry onto the Paris Fashion Week bus. Despite his rather doleful expression, he's actually a very happy guy with a penchant for telling hilarious stories about botched medical operations and the joys of dyslexia. He's the product of a Japanese former Comme des Garcons press agent mother and an English hairdresser father. It's a good mix.

Taro and his friend Sarah came to meet us for lunch today in Soho. We ate roast beef sandwiches and cream-filled profiteroles and debated at length the higher quality of coffee in New Zealand versus the bubbly, air-filled cups-of-joe they're served here. I don't think they believed us when we told them how much better it is back home.

Taro's jacket, which I loved, is a Junya Watanabe X Moncler woollen puffer. It is awesome. He bought it at 10% of (yes of, not off) the original retail price in a family and friends sale.

And these are his Doc Martens school shoes that were bought too big for him when he was 15 and which, he complained, are still too big for him now. If I was him I'd be more concerned about cold ankles.



p.g.d. said...

it's amazing jacket "Junya Wantanabe x Moncler"!!! i love it, too!!
and i think his knit at first shot is so lovely, too.
it got me wondering its brand.