Wednesday, March 9, 2011

#1762 Emily Baker walks Chanel, McQueen, Chloe, Celine, meets Terry Richardson

Emily Baker. Photo: Terry Richardson

Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Chloe, Celine, Stella McCartney, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Viktor and Rolf, Balenciaga, Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens, Haider Ackermann and Mugler alongside Lady Gaga: Not a bad Paris show list for a supermodel, let alone a complete unknown from Matamata – a rural town of 12,000 primarily known as the location for Peter Jackson's Hobbiton. Emily Baker has walked them all, and more. At last count, her show list for the entire season was at 58, but there's still one more day to come at Paris Fashion Week, with Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu pending.

According to one international booker, "She's undoubtedly the number one newcomer of the season." When asked if the show success will lead to campaigns, his answer was an unequivocal, "Oh God yes."

Just who will shoot that first big job remains to be seen, but Terry Richardson has already given her a nod of approval. The photographer featured Baker on his blog earlier this morning, and has been a major champion of new faces this past year, particularly Lindsey Wixson and Anais Pouliot.

Having already walked the Marc Jacobs mainline and Prada shows, chances are Baker will book Louis Vuitton (designed by Jacobs) and Miu Miu (the younger Prada line) tomorrow.

Either way, that girl is going to be a star.




freena said...

Terry Richardson = Yuck

Catherine said...

She is stunning - I remember you featuring an article on her just a little bit back (if I'm correct). Can't wait to see more of her!

ching said...

ooooohhhh i cant wait to see her in campaigns

Emma Gleason said...

i'm so happy for her success over there. she's beautiful, talented and a lovely girl.

anonymous said...

At Chanel!

mina said...

Emily walked Miu Miu & Dempsey Stewart walked Louis Vuitton

Zuriel Bravo said...

This Girl has deff evolved from one to watch to a star!

Really happy for her!!

Lauren said...

Hey Isaac,
Do you know if anything came of Zippora being on Terry's Diary?

sez said...

emily's in vogue china!