Wednesday, March 16, 2011

#1772 Ande Whall's handmade denim workshop was destroyed in the Christchurch quake

File this one under irony in the Alanis Morisette sense: yesterday I discovered this Kiwi guy Ande Whall who designs and makes amazing raw selvage jeans using traditional construction techniques. I pored over his Wild Wild West themed website for a good 30 minutes looking at all the different styles, deciding which pair to choose, and then read this: "Unfortunately the worst news regarding the condition of the Ande Whall workshop came in yesterday. The building has been very badly damaged in the Earthquake that struck on Tuesday the 22nd of February and is set to be demolished in the next week."

According to Whall's site, all his equipment, patterns, tags and fabric perished in the quake. But he's not giving up: "So much time building this small denim business will be lost forever. Money just can't replace some things that have taken years of work and collecting. All the old sewing machines scrounged and bought back to life. After having said all that... I will be back fellas! I just have to start again, having done it once, I'm sure it won't take too long before I will be back in action getting the handmade jeans to the people. I will need some time to organise things, get a new home, most probably with a workshop attached, in a garage or a big house."

Obviously this will be the case for hundreds of small businesses Christchurch-wide, but here's how we can help this one: click here to make a $20 donation to Ande Whall.

Click here for a list of general earthquake charities.

And click here to learn about how you can knit red and black scarves for the Canterbury relief effort.




Guest said...

fuckin thing sucks!
how did you discover him?

isaaclikes said...

I hung out with this dude last night who was wearing them.

Jimmy said...

Ande will be back up in no time i am sure. Really good things were just starting for him. we'll be waiting!!

sand said...

this stuff looks fantastic!- what a great website. all the best to you getting back up and running man- I'm gonna need some of these asap! (I cant believe i never knew about this guy- I'm only in Dunedin!)

Jess said...

Where are these stocked?

isaaclikes said...

They're not - they were handmade, made to order only.

Theotherchrislewis said...

Ande is back up n running and is accepting pre orders!