Monday, March 28, 2011

#1782 The new Remix issue features Myf Shepherd, couples kissing, Steve-O and a Top Model

Photos: Remix

Remix Issue 69 has just hit newsstands and it is a big, big book – 352 pages in total, making it about half the size of Vogue's September issues, but about twice the size of a Fashion Quarterly issue. Inside it's packed with products, features and numerous editorials, the best of which is an Adrian Mesko-lensed one-girl special with Myf Shepherd, the teen who was famously snubbed by Australia's Next Top Model but then went on to land campaigns for Gucci, Sonia Rykiel, Miu Miu and Levi's. Shepherd has been out of action for quite some time, but is now, officially, back in the game. Click below for a preview of the issue, including the two cover options.

Ella Verberne (my current favourite Kiwi model), shot by Jessica Sim.

The Australian Sarah Stephens, shot by Peter Azzi.

A fascinating interview with Steve-O of Jackass fame, in which he notes (about his road to sobriety), "Having priorities that aren't me is probably the most important thing."

New Zealand's Next Top Model winner Danielle Hayes in Nom*D, shot by Charles Howells. Get that girl overseas stat!

A boy/boy/boy/girl editorial featuring real life couple Felix Bujo of Quebec and Courtney Fallow of New Zealand, shot by Marissa Findlay.

An extremely cute editorial titled I HEART EMMA, featuring the irrepressible Emma Champtaloup and her boyfriend Nicholas Hadfield, shot by Olivia Hemus.

Amanda Booth, shipwrecked, shot by Steven Lyon.

A sportswear inspired shoot featuring Lewis and Tess, shot by Fiona Quinn.

My DJ partner in crime Anouk Rondel, shot by Robert Hart.

The Katie Braadvedt cover, shot by Charles Howells.

The Felix Bujo cover, shot by Marissa Findlay.



Tyler Rowan said...

Looks like they've upped their game a bit. good on you Remix!.. But Kristin Cavallari & Mark Salling.. Yuck!

Emma Gleason said...

i hate kissing editorials with a passion

Jimmy said...

all fact no review? how do you like it?

isaaclikes said...

Oh sorry man my bad. I put up the spreads that I liked.

That Myf Shepherd editorial is the most important and relevant one an NZ mag has done in quite some time. So full credit to them.

Enya said...

Some good gems in there. Love Ella:

Samharrison6 said...

idiots to put katie and felix on the cover when they could have had MYF!

Louise said...

Awesome. I've been looking for good (Kiwi) magazines to start collecting and this post has convinced me to go buy Remix! Love the photo of Danielle from NZNTM, but really want to see her overseas, I think she could be huge.

Lsddsk said...

myf looks amazing!! pretty good work for a nz mag to nab such a great girl...

myf fan said...

i randomly stumbled upon a blog full of amazing photos of myf;

she's beautiful even when she isn't styled/made up!

Chanel said...

danielle is the most gorgeous model right now.