Tuesday, March 29, 2011

#1783 The U Live interview in which I rant about why men should dress up more often

Another week, another U Live interview, this time with the wildly funny radio host/tv star/nightlife mogul/20 year old Connor Nestor. This time around, we discussed the importance of men getting dressed up to go out; how to buy an off the peg suit; and what you should wear to a rave if you really want to mean business. Enjoy, and don't forget to watch us live tonight from 6:23pm, Channel 16 on Sky.



Jimmy said...

hope that's not how they air it, with those crazy glitch like cut scenes. looking good but please undo your button next time you sit down in a suit :)

isaaclikes said...

And let this massive gut hang out? Never!

Boganpete said...

Ever considered that it is because if you wear one to work it is the last thing you want to where when hanging out and trying to relax.

Get a real job and you will know what I mean ;)