Friday, May 6, 2011

#1831 My Australian Fashion Week outfit diary

Photos: Katherine Lowe

Day 1.

Photo: Through The Looking Glass

Day 2.

Day 3.

Day 4.

Day 5.

Every day I'm hustlin'.



a-non-a-mus said...

So its
all the s
ame except for the shirts?

Louise said...

Day 2 - why hello! Looking damn fine.

Rua Werry said...

Haha! Am glad you packed one shirt in your carry on bag! Am assuming we're changing $3 Jap socks and (unnnddiiies)? Lovely variety of scenery though!

fashion westie said...

Signature Look!

Alexandra_morse said...

Reminds me of my fashion merchandising teacher who works with all those designers, sells their designs to the biggest stores in NY, and for an entire semester he only came with 2 sweaters and a Harris Tweed jacket. Man, that's what I call "willpower"!

Corinne said...

Wait, so you're wearing the same thing everyday except your shirt? Thats.. boring.

kelly said...

I hope you change your undies

isaaclikes said...

For the record, I'm wearing the same pair of pants in every photo. The lighting in the second picture must just have been different.

secretadmirer said...

U have a nice bulge there ;) Big peepee hehe

Jose Brava said...

Great jacket! What is it?