Wednesday, June 1, 2011

#1854 The birthday present I bought myself came in a Mark McNairy shoebox

I turned 27 on Friday last week, and to celebrate the occasion, I did something I very rarely do: went shopping. It had been a while since I'd set foot in Fabric on High Street, and the selection of goods was excellent – Margaret Howell cotton double breasted blazers, Simon Miller jeans, Isabel Marant for the ladies, Engineered Garments for the boys, and Mark McNairy New Amsterdam shoes for me. I've been obsessed with McNairys ever since Lawrence posted these Loden Green Suede Longwings on his online store in a size range that precluded purchases from smaller-footed gentlemen like myself. Fabric carried them in an eight – it was time to taste the forbidden fruit.

Here's how it went down.

Gasp – you shouldn't have!

I met Mr McNairy himself in Milan back in January and complained that we were unable to buy his shoes down here in New Zealand. Great to see Fabric leading the charge for the menswear bloggers of our small nation. Happy Birthday to me.



Katherine said...

You're a lolcat.

Felix said...

i was in fabric the other day admiring the mcnairy's as well but i noticed they aren't carrying any with the crepe soles... are the white soles as hardwearing?

Anon said...

oooh very similar to however not sure which came first