Saturday, June 11, 2011

#1865 Sports Illustrated – Swimsuit Edition

Photos: Mrs Orange Foam Finger

Nothing on this planet beats a good rain swim, and today in Singapore, ish got wet. Real wet. Like next level monsoon, thunder bolts and lightning, very very frightening indeed wet. It gave Sheida and I a good opportunity to bust out our gym-worked bodies, and our mid-thigh swimming trunks – if you haven't already heard, mid-thigh swimming trunks trump knee-length board shorts every time, and they're your best bet for looking like Jude Law. (Mine are from Penguin Original on Melrose Ave in LA, Sheida's are by Parke and Ronen from Barneys New York.) In other news, I think I need a tan.

p.s. The above photo was taken of me and Sheida with our good friends Mina and Danielle back in 2003. As you can see, not much has changed.



Katherine said...


Friend you are ghost of man!

PS. Sheida beat you to this post already. 

Emma Gleason said...

leg-forward, pelvis thrust. modelling 101. good job.

Gus said...

What type of sunglasses do you suggest for the your lily white chest?

Just teasing. I'm a ranga. As if I can talk.

Giang Cao said...

Less talk, more nudity.