Monday, June 13, 2011

#1866 What's in store at Surrender

Singapore is good for all sorts of reasons – perennial heat, friendly locals, incredible buildings, cheap taxis, strange smells emanating from grates beneath your feet – but I wasn't expecting too much in the way of boutique shopping. "It's mall-city," I was told. "Miles and miles of malls stretching as far as the eye can see, and guess what's behind the malls? More malls. Underneath the malls? Underground malls... And a few thousand food courts." I was given just one store tip – from Leon Vince at Fabric – that Surrender in the Raffles Hotel Arcade was a must see. So I went. And he was right.

Nestled in a corner on the second floor of the iconic Raffles complex, Surrender is a large, eclectic store with a curious mix of brands. One corner of the room houses Billionaire Boys Club and Visvim; in another, Bedwin and the Heartbreakers hangs alongside Band of Outsiders; nearby sits Thom Browne and Maison Martin Margiela. Shoes come courtesy of Mark McNairy, Alden and Converse X Missoni; the candles are by Cire Trudon, and men's skincare is on offer from Baxter of California. With its raw wooden floors, vintage cabinets and butterfly installations, if I was going to put it in Kiwi-specific terms, the store is a mashup of Fabric, Qubic, Wunderkammer, Crane Brothers and Zambesi. Internationally, it's like a cross between Opening Ceremony and L'Eclaireur. In the best possible way.

According to manager Andy Chng, "We like to have a wide mix of product, so that just about every guy who comes in here will be able to walk out with something." The formula seemed to be working – in the 20 minutes I was in there three dudes walked in the door, looked around for a bit then each made a purchase.

In my mind, best in store has to go to the insane selection of Band of Outsiders (This Is Not A) polo shirts. But that's a whole other post in itself, coming soon. Special thanks to Andy for being such a good host; Surrender is most definitely a store I would recommend visiting regularly.

Band of Outsiders blazer, Bedwin and the Heartbreakers oxford shirt, Crane Brothers pants, $3 Japan socks and Mark McNairy oxfords.

Band of Outsiders double breasted blazer with a Bedwin and the Heartbreakers oxford.

Mark McNairy blue suede oxfords.

Me and Andy Chng.

Check out Surrender at Raffles Hotel Arcade, #02-31, 328 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188719 Tel : (65) 6733 2130.



durian said...

surrender is nice. front row/apc is also in raffles. not to mention a nice, clean yum cha place (arguably more important than clothes).  

Enya said...

yeah front row is great- they stock some awesome singaporean and international designers incl our karen walker!

Katherine said...

You're so skinny! Are you the lemon detox diet?


PS. Buy the blue McNairys.

Nikau Hindin said...

looking sharp Isaac, like this post! and photos espesh!!