Friday, June 17, 2011

#1872 Milanese Men – a short film

There's something about Milanese men, whether they're strolling down the street, waiting for a tram, riding a bicycle, smoking a cigarette or watching the world go by. They come in many varieties: harried businessmen, portly workers, smooth playboys, buttoned-up academics or whimsical romantics, and each is as fascinating as the other. I filmed a few that passed by as I rode the no. 27 tram from Cadorna to Ungheria. Divertanosi. PREGO!



Jimmy said...

this remind me the other day i caught the ferry into town and noticed how many businessmen in nice out fits ruined by a "primary school" backpack. you know the kind, nylon quicksilver backpack etc.... leather briefcase!!

Boganpete said...

I get your point but slighty creepy none the less.