Saturday, June 18, 2011

#1874 Bryan Boy goes shopping

I'm not one for sight-seeing, dining out or discovering new neighbourhoods – when I go to a city, the thing that does it for me is self-made traditions. In Milan, I fly into Malpensa, catch the Cadorna Express, take the no. 27 tram to Ungheria, walk into my hotel on via 22 Marzo, chat with the owners, then go upstairs and knock on two doors; one belonging to Australian backstage photographer Sonny Vandevelde and the other to international blogging sensation Bryan Boy. It's as close to a familial experience as I get while overseas. After saying our hellos yesterday, Bryan and I left the hotel for via Montenapoleone so that he could pick up a few new pieces before the shows. Our destination – Prada. It would seem he's one of the privileged few who can really pull off the Fall/Winter collection with its lurex and sparkles and look bloody good in the process. Next stop, Church's, where he picked up a pair of shoes to complete the look. Hanging out with Bryan Boy – never not a good time.



Ordinary Londoner said...

lol fantastic clip! :-D

annalisa arcando said...

i love this and i love your blog! xx