Tuesday, June 28, 2011

#1904 Hanging in Paris with my main man Usher Raymond

Photo: Dayne Johnston

Usher arrived late to Raf Simons' show on Saturday night and had to walk down the stairs – bodyguard and shawties in tow – as 500 audience members watched on. Where mortal men would have cracked under the pressure, the man handled it like a pro. (Check my video below - I reckon he made a pretty sweet entrance.) After the show, I found myself standing next to him and in a coincidentally similar moment to the same event two years ago, I threw my camera to Zambesi's Dayne Johnston to take a snap. I love it how the bouncer is contemplating whether or not my raised fingers are a weapon of some sort. Spoiler: they weren't. You might notice that Mr Raymond is rocking a head to toe Raf Simons look – perhaps Simons is a fan? With songs like this, I ask you: how could he not be?*

*If you think I'm being sarcastic then you don't know me at all.



Jenny said...

I  actually think he's wondering if you're going to take a weapon of some description out of your satchel!!

Andrew HHM said...

Love it Ise! That's an epic shot bro!
Andrew HHM

freena said...

Tha man Isaac!

donut said...

Great Photo Dayne, a natural behind the lens!

Taj Ragland said...

so basically u guys are like besties now, huh?