Thursday, June 30, 2011

#1907 La Crêpe (a film noir)

My days in Paris are spent writing for hours on end, visiting the occasional friend, eating crêpes and, as you'll see above, creating fine cinema. C'est la vie.



Ugo Salerno said...

i love the music. 
i like you too!

Rebeccah said...

Love it!

orangefoamfinger said...

So noir son. So noir.

Hannah McArdle said...

amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaze! XX

Nina said...


Nikau Gabrielle said...

Isaac, I love this! you are a genius! :)
You will like this video too, check it out. You know how Misha is screen printing and designing T shirt prints (sound familiar?) well the T shirt is his design and the guy in it is his mate.

Also, something really cool arrived in the post for you! Go to my tumblr I put it up.

Enjoy those crepes