Thursday, September 8, 2011

#1991 The top five things that happened on day one of New York Fashion Week

Corinna Studier.

1. I got to chat with/hang out with a bunch of people I think are totally awesome today, including: Tommy Ton, Jenna Sauers, Justin Chung, Lawrence Schlossman, Mordechai Rubinstein, Bruce Pask, Matthew Schneier, Craig Arend, Corinna Studier, Aiden Andrews, Benoni Loos, Mark Cox, Matvey Lykov and Georgia Fowler.

2. I met photographer Justin Chung for the first time, we ate breakfast together, he freaked out about how I ordered a hot water, then he shot me for his blog.

3. Mordechai Rubinstein literally stopped traffic so I could take his photograph – in the most gangsta move of the day he jumped in front of a moving cab, while wearing his U.S.N. rubber surplus coat (which had him schvitzin', he later told me). That's some next level Steven Segal ish, that's what that is.

4. My favourite German girl Corinna Studier turned up at the Steven Alan presentation along with Kiwi Georgia Fowler, which I'm going to take as a good omen for no other reason than it was nice to see some familiar faces at the first show of the week.

5. I edited, cut, exported and sent off my first video for T Magazine which will most likely go live tomorrow.

And as an added bonus, I changed the water in my roommate's goldfish bowl this evening, causing the fish to cardiac arrest, turn on its side, and float to the top of the water. Then, in a panic, I grabbed the fish and threw it back in the old water where it began to swim around like normal. Close call.

Justin Chung shooting Corinna Studier.

Mordechai Rubinstein of Mister Mort fame stopping traffic for the shot.

Photo: Justin Chung



Nataliafleur said...

Goldfish water - you only change half of it at a time. Have old water, half new water.

La Brunette said...

I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only fruit loop who orders hot water. Warming, cleansing and cheap!

Grant said...

Love the photo of Corinna with the umbrella. Love the paragraph about the goldfish. Made my day.

Grant Hindin Miller (Luke I am your father)

joe said...

Corinna Studier's shoes. WHAT ARE THEY AND WHERE ARE THEY FROM!?!? please report back? xx

isaaclikes said...

They're Adidas high tops!

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Jenny said...

Just looked at your video of Tom for T magazine. Well done, Ise. You're in the New York Times!!! Really looking forward to following his Fashion Week journey through your eyes.

Andrew HHM said...

Where is the photo of the goldfish? Don' t get me wrong, Corinna with an umbrella, crazy guy in front of the car, and you look amazing...

But, I have an acquired taste for fish and fashion.

Oceanically yours,