Saturday, September 24, 2011

#2017 First look: Crane Brothers' Spring/Summer 2011 collection

Photos: Karen Inderbitzen Waller

In perfect seasonal synchronicity, Crane Brothers has just released images of their Spring/Summer 2011 range, but here's the good news: unlike the collections we've just seen here in New York, this one is available for purchase right now. It's no secret how much of a Crane Brothers fanatic I am (a good 80% of my wardrobe is made to measure from the store), so let me break down a couple of key points that the untrained eye might miss. First up, the lapel size – Murray Crane has been a huge proponent of the skinny lapel for years, but this season he's widened things up a bit, both in the single and double breasted varieties. Next, all the casual blazer options come with triple patch pockets – my jam. The tuxedo comes double breasted, which, as an off the rack option, is a first for the brand. And finally, there's a lot of linen in the mix, which makes this a dressier summer collection than the cotton-filled seasons of yesteryear. I've made a selection of my favourite looks below. Get in there.



Susanchencj said...

Hi, is the pair of sun glasses also from Crane Brothers?

isaaclikes said...

Yeah they're Moscot - Crane Brothers sells them.

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Tfjpasley said...

Just wondering what the blue suit is made out of ? Also too casual for a grooms wedding suit?