Saturday, October 1, 2011

#2023 The double breasted blazer chronicles

Photos: Noah Emrich (of NOVH fame)

Let me start by saying that I am anti anybody who says something like, 'Oh, you just started getting into Rick Ross now? I was listening to him when he was still working the jails back in '99." Don't be that guy. It's never cool. But with that in mind, allow me to contradict myself for just one second. Double breasted jackets are big business right now but I got mine way before the trend hit. This one, made-to-measure from Working Style in Auckland, was ordered about four years ago. The best bit about it is that I wasn't inspired by old Italian men on the street as shot by The Sartorialist or anything like that, I saw this really WASPy 80s ad shot by Bruce Weber in a magazine at my friend's holiday house, and got obsessed with idea of wearing a navy blue double breasted blazer with voluminous tapered beige pants (over top of a gym-worked 80s muscled body). I'm still waiting on the voluminous beige pants (and the body), but the blazer has never looked better.

This one was taken by Katherine!



Jenny said...

I'm sure your immaculately-dressed grandfather also had a double-breasted blue jacket with gold buttons, and of course he had the broad shoulders and the barrel-chest to match.

You look good, Ise. I prefer the slim line of your jacket. Would like to see the voluminous pants - doesn't Zambezi do some??

Jimmy said...

to be fair in most countries the DB never really went out of fashion but just another option. Looks fantastic on you mate