Friday, October 14, 2011

#2036 Today in New York: I travelled deep into Long Island to buy $6000 worth of Marc Ecko Cut & Sew

Photos: Katherine Lowe

Since arriving to New York, I've adopted a say-yes-to-everything policy. It's meant that I'm constantly doing things that I might never have done back home – take today, for example: Last night at about 10:00pm I received an email from one of the girls who worked on the Hugo Boss video, asking if I'd be available for two days to help out with some styling. The client was Marc Ecko Cut & Sew (yeap, the 90s hip hop staple brand), and the job required a menswear stylist to catch a cab an hour out of the city to purchase $6000 worth of clothing for six winners of a competition. The six lucky guys range in age from 26 to 43 and size from large to XXXL, and they're all being flown to New York tonight to pick up their prize packs. The best bit – none of them have ever been here before.

Tomorrow I'll be dressing them in their new gears while they're photographed for an in-house newsletter. I just hope they're pleased with my purchases. Side-stepping the multitude of printed tees, I opted for the cleanest garments in the store – they're each getting two pairs of shoes, two pairs of jeans, three shirts, one sweater, one cardigan, one blazer, one anorak and one overcoat. Coming from New Zealand, this was particularly astonishing for me; if someone told me I was getting $1000 worth of clothing I'd be pleased with two pairs of jeans and a sweater. God bless America, the land of bargain-priced excess.

And just imagine – if I'd had advance warning, I could have gone out and gotten myself a Rhino tattoo. It would have meant $1200 extra swag for the winners. Ah well, there's always next time.

This is what a $6000 receipt looks like – one foot per thousand dollars spent.



Jenny said...

How fantastic! Right up your alley Ise, and what a great experience. I do hope the guys enjoy what you've bought them!! Will you post their looks for us to see??

isaaclikes said...

You and me both. Depending on the final results, I will post their looks. 

Nina said...

Oh what fun!!!

Sam Ryan18 said...

this is AWESOME.

Eva said...

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Derek said...

"I've adopted a say-yes-to-everything policy" …someones been watching Gossip Girl.

isaaclikes said...

I'm Chuck Bass.

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Teresa K. Wealleans said...

Haha the receipt is so funny! Lucky you, I'd love to be able to spend $6000 of someone else's money on clothes! /Would love to see the styling ideas that come out of this.