Tuesday, November 1, 2011

#2051 This weekend in New York: I got amongst the Halloween festivities

Me and Jenny Albright, masquerading.

Up until this weekend just past, I'd been to one Halloween party in my entire life. It was in Auckland last year, thrown by NO Magazine and Lonely Hearts, and I got dressed up as Pee Wee Herman. This weekend, I went to two Halloween parties – the first, a masquerade ball (I was the Phantom of the Opera), the second, a costume party (I was Pee Wee Herman, again). It's like Christmas here. On Friday afternoon I made an ill-advised last minute stop to a giant block-spanning costume store on the Lower East Side, and waited 45 minutes to get to the checkout to buy a Phantom mask. When I walked out, there was a queue of 100 people just trying to get inside the shop. Madness. People go all out – I saw Black Swans with the full eye makeup and bloodied up fingernails, Where's Wallys (though he's called Waldo here), Marios and Luigis, and even a Nickelson Wooster lookalike. And tonight it's all happening again – Americans love an excuse to get dressed up and out of the house. But I've gotta say the highlight of my weekend was carving my first Jack-o-lantern. Never before have I felt such a sense of achievement from slicing up a vegetable. Who knows – maybe there's a chef in me yet. Happy Halloween, everybody!



LoulouBlue said...

Great pic. Happy Halloween!

Georgia said...

Hi Isaac. Me and somefriends are going to NYC for a couple months around Christmas/New Year. From one kiwi to another where would recommend spending newyears? We're staying in Mahattan..

Josie said...

CRuuUUNNNKKKK! hahaha.