Monday, January 30, 2012

#2104 The facts of life

Photo: The Sartorialist

1. Imagine every American frat movie you've ever watched and you'll begin to get an idea of what my weekend was like at Penn State University: Freshmen desperately trying to drink themselves into oblivion (so long as they had a little energy left for late-night coitus); 18 year old girls in bikinis despite the negative-degree temperatures; no clean place to sleep or sit; jocks screaming at each other about the merits of their NFL quarterback over another NFL quarterback; public displays of male nudity, vomiting and sexual acts; a midnight police bust; and a long queue at the largest pharmacy in town the morning after, where I personally witnessed about 15 girls requesting the emergency contraceptive pill, in a five minute stretch. I can now officially tick 'Attend the World's Largest Australia Day Party' off my bucket list. And I made it out alive.

2. The above outfit is the best I’ve seen in a long, long time. How fresh is a cardigan instead of a suit jacket? I'm going to have to try it out for myself.

3. New things I'm attempting to introduce to Little Brother in my first season: Bags, socks, boxer shorts and collabs with some familiar menswear faces. If we do it right, Little Brother should be the one stop shop for guys wanting to look good in New Zealand. Next stop, the world.

4. In other New Zealand menswear news, we're shooting the next Barkers campaign right here in New York City in a few weeks. I've assembled a crack team of Antipodeans for the job and it is going to be fully seeck. Stay tuned for more details.

5. All going to plan, I'm moving into my new Brooklyn apartment on Wednesday this week. There's so much to do and so much to buy – beds, clothing racks, those nice wooden hangers I like, cutlery... and three days to do it in. On the plus side, it's going to be my first taste of normalcy and routine in over two years. On the dark side, life is about to get a lot more expensive.

6. For superficial reasons entirely, I became an NHL fan yesterday.

7. You know what I like better than blogging about fashion? Answering your relationship questions on Tumblr. Step into my office; my door is always open.

8. Quote of the week: "Every failure is a step closer to success." Forget people who tell you you're going to fail. Don't let the bastards get you down!



Jenny said...

So glad you made it back in one piece, Ise. Sounds like a complete nightmare to me, and rather sad. Do people really enjoy all that stuff??

Kimberly Lesch said...

Jesus H. I'm from State College (been in Auckland for the last 9 years) and that is pretty much any given weekend when the students are in town. Congrats on making it out of there alive.

isaaclikes said...

They love it.

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isaaclikes said...

Thanks. I'm feeling particularly thankful right now.

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JB said...

We moved into a new place on Wednesday last week and had it equipped by Saturday morning with all the essentials (and the not so essentials, like that 50 inch TV my boyfriend needed) . We moved in with nothing, so it can be done!  Good luck!!!

Nikau Gabrielle Hindin said...

Good luck with the move cuz! I can't imagine you buying cutlery :) good luck! I wana see it!xx

Anna said...

Penn State University/Australia Day parties - sounds like a breeding ground for Chlamydia if you ask me. 

isaaclikes said...

You and me both my friend, you and me both.

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