Thursday, March 1, 2012

#2132 The facts of life

Old man in Milan. Photo: The Sartorialist

1. Living with a male model is a lot of fun, but it's also exhausting. First, you inherit about 15 other male models who drop over unannounced at all hours of the day; every night is a party that starts at three in the afternoon; and Guitar Hero is a 24 hour pursuit (luckily I like Bon Jovi as much as they do). Everything is a competition, be it beer pong, arm wrestling or the pursuit of women, and when the testosterone builds up to the point where all that's left to do is wrestle like cavemen, I always end up being the innocent bystander who cops an elbow to the side of the jaw. They'll make a real man of me yet.

2. On the plus side, male models also make the best personal trainers, as I discovered yesterday when Tom and I joined the rattiest gym that Williamsburg has to offer ($30 per month!). That guy had me pushing weights until I couldn't even open a door anymore. Today, typing is a real struggle.

3. Lots of people (read: like, three) have been contacting me to ask me why I keep saying LOLCATS so much. The answer is simple: It applies to so many different circumstances. A LOLCAT is somebody who makes a joke that is probably not very funny but then laughs really hard at it. When that in turn makes you laugh a lot, it's also a LOLCAT situation. You can excuse a bad joke by saying LOLCATS at the end of it, and you can make fun of your friends' bad jokes by saying LOLCATS. It genuinely is the perfect word.

4. Sometimes I wake up in New York and go, 'Wow I am so lucky to be living in this city,' and sometimes I wake up in New York and go, 'This place is the most ridiculously hedonistic playpen on Planet Earth.' You're wholly anonymous here and everything is on tap so self discipline, self control and a clearly defined set of values are imperative or you'll end up becoming someone you might not want to be.

5. With that in mind, here's my favourite song of the week. It's an oldie but a goodie.

6. Don't send emails in the heat of the moment. Impulsiveness is a silent killer.

7. The easiest thing in the world is giving advice; the hardest thing is taking it.

8. Last week Greg Lewis, Tom Bull and I shot the Fall/Winter Barkers campaign here in New York. We braved the elements – gale-force winds, all day rain, snow – and ran all over town and captured what I hope will be the greatest advertising imagery Barkers has ever put out, besides, of course, this bad boy right here. Those guys have upped their menswear game to a whole new level, which means that we need to push Little Brother even further forward than it's ever gone before. I reckon it's going to be a bit of a challenge for the average Kiwi guy, but a welcome sight for New Zealand menswear enthusiasts, young and young-ish.

9. I'm having dinner with Bruce Pask and Richard Haines tonight! Hooray!

10. Today is your last opportunity to order a THUGGED OUT SINCE CUB SCOUTS tee shirt before we cut off the store! GET IN THE GAME! We'll keep the online shop live up until midnight, then we start the reprint tomorrow. Thanks to everybody who has ordered one so far, sorry about the wait, and we hope you like the tees! HOLLA!



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