Monday, April 9, 2012

#2154 The Likes List

1. Call Me Maybe, LOLCATS edition... featuring Katherine Lowe of Katherine is Awesome fame, tonnes of Kiwi models, lad-about-town Connor Nestor, TVNZ's US correspondent Jack Tame, the most gangsta female model in the world (my mate Jenny Albright), heaps of other friends, gratuitous nudity and me. Ashley Tisdale, eat your heart out.

2. – your go-to stop for every single movie ever made, ever. Make sure you choose the DVD quality versions, otherwise you'll be watching shaky low-res films recorded by a dodgy guy sitting at the back of a cinema. But seriously, it's the best website ever.

3. Care packages from home. No thanks to my family (who have never sent me a care package despite the fact that I've lived away from them for almost 10 years), this one was sent by blog reader Elizabeth (who also happens to be a great friend of my mother's). The contents? A pair of All Blacks boxer shorts (check them out at 36 seconds in the video above), to encourage patriotism and to ward off any future frank and beans mishaps. Thanks Liz! I'll wear them with pride.

4. Only You by Yazoo. I always forget about this song then come back to it after about six months and freak out all over again.

5. You know I'm rarely found in anything other than navy blue high top Chuck Taylors, but Converse has just released a limited edition pair of Jack Purcells that I'm feeling so hard right now. Named the Johnny sneakers, they feature a slubby workwear-inspired pinstripe and they're the jam. If you're in New Zealand you can pick up a pair from Barkers – they go on sale tomorrow.

6. Also slubby (it means the cotton has little woven imperfections) – my new navy blue cardigan from J Crew, purchased yesterday. The only thing better than buying cheap, awesome stuff from J Crew is poring over the pages of their paper catalogues – just like porn, but without the guilt!

7. A Few Good Men – I watched it again after not having seen it for about 12 years, and it still holds up. Tom Cruise + Jack Nicholson + Demi Moore + Kiefer Sutherland + Kevin Bacon = Greatest courtroom drama, ever.

8. Tostitos' Hint of Lime flavoured corn chips. I'm going through a 13 ounce bag every two days.

9. Stonewash blue denim. It's all I want to wear for summer.

10. This girl I met on the subway.



georgia rose said...

Love it!

Olivia McCaskill said...

1. you made me make this face while watching that =o then this face =)

2. OMG you're awesome. Thanks! 

3. I have never once got a care package from home... I especially wanted one this easter as it's my first easter away from home and I wanted a Lintd Bunny. Boo. 

10. Ask her out! 

Shanks for making me smile yet again. (I now do the normal dot eyes so that my grin face doesn't look like a phallic symbol. ) :D 

InLoveWithGirl@1.53 said...

Girl at 1.53 has so much swag *swoon*

Orion said...

Fun fun fun wish i was in the vid with u guys :))

Jenny said...

No 1: love love love it! Who is the hooded dood?? Couldn't see Jack Tame, but still love it!~

Harrycorkill said...

Who is the girl at 4seconds?

Techin-style said...

this video and soundtrack are so cute...but here is my number so call me baby..addicted :)

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