Tuesday, May 1, 2012

#2170 Good Question

Karl Lagerfeld, Lara Stone and Baptiste Giabiconi backstage at Chanel Haute Couture, Summer 2009.
Anonymous asks: Off the top of your head, what posts did you really feel like you hit the nail on the head on Isaac likes? What are your favorite posts? 

I'd be lying if I said I didn't love you for asking me that question. See below for the answers.

Panic at Charles de Gaulle – the story of how I abandoned Katherine Lowe at the Paris airport in an attempt to make the flight we were both booked on. Gentleman status = all time high.

The Pearl Going Chronicles Chapters 1, 2 and 3  – the saga of how I ended up at a multi-million dollar house on Waiheke Island with New Zealand's top fashion designers and the female Jay Gatsby of hosts (closest I've ever come to a real life Agatha Christie mystery).

The meaning of the word awkward – this one time in Paris I locked myself, my girlfriend, her sister, and their 80-something year old grandparents out of the house (in the freezing cold) for hours. It was not a good time, I didn't handle it well, the relationship subsequently ended, but it made for a good blog post.

The Chanel Saga – how I managed to sneak past gun-toting security guards, clipboard-wielding PR agents and the fashion illuminati in order to go backstage at the July 8, 2009 Chanel Haute Couture show and snap photos of Karl Lagerfeld with my Blackberry.

What's in store at Surrender (Singapore) and C'H'C'M' (New York) – two of my favourite What's in stores of all time.

A girl I used to know – without a doubt the most personal thing I've ever written on my blog. A little terrifying, but rewarding all the same.

The problem with girls, highlighted by Girls – I wrote this post after eating lunch with Richard Haines and Caz Ridha last Friday afternoon and collectively bemoaning the state of modern relationships, doormat girls, and the dastardly ways that males behave. I'm going to do a follow up this week from the male perspective because two ladies whose opinions I truly respect (my Mum and Jenna Sauers) helped to expand my potentially narrow perspective.

The curse of the freelancer – probably the most relatable story I've ever written on the blog. In short, life is scary when you don't have a full time job.

This one time, when I was 15, I ran away to Wellington – proving that I really have been thugged out since cub scouts.

I like to be in America! (aka how and why I moved to New York City) – the story that I had literally been waiting eight months to write. (I posted it the day my visa was approved.)

Journey to the Orange Foam Finger – one of my first forays into filmmaking, chronicling my trip from Auckland to Singapore in June last year.

La Cr̻pe (a film noir) Рa deeply meaningful French art film shot in Paris.

Singapore Shufflin' – this one time in Singapore, my best good friend Sheida Hancock and I made a dance movie. Hilarity ensued.

Behind the scenes at the Mark McNairy New Amsterdam S/S 2012 womenswear lookbook – pretty much exactly what the name suggests, featuring my great old friend Corinna Studier, and N***** in Paris.

ACP's Runway Reporter to be shut down – a story I wrote in about 20 minutes that literally changed my life forever (I was fired the next day from my magazine job and publicly accused of defamation by one of the most powerful men in New Zealand publishing – this was proven incorrect one day later when everything I wrote was verified by that same man). It was the catalyst I needed to start blogging full time and the moment I realised that just because you're the little guy, you shouldn't let bullies push you around.



Reid Damnit said...

singapore shufflin is genius! I'm home in Nov. I am totally going to do that!!

AndrewHHM said...

A girl I used to know, needs a follow up. Everytime I think of that I think that it needs an ending. 

Eagerly awaiting the flipside to The problem with girls, highlighted by girls. Personally, I think that it isn't so much a girl thing but, a symptom of our generation. Now-a-days the thrill of the chase, or the hope for  a relationship is better than the reality. It happens to men too. Jazz musician Chet Baker said it best in the thrill is gone:

"the thrill is gone

the thrill is gone

i can see it in your eyes

i can hear it in your sighs

feel your touch and realize

the thrill is gone

the nights are cold

for love is old

love was grand when love was knew

birds were singing, skys were blue

now it don't appeal to you

the thrill is gone

this is the end

so why pretend

and let it linger on

the thrill is gone"