Friday, June 1, 2012

#2190 The Tom & Isaac Show At Park & Bond

Photos: Noah Emrich of NOVH fame
My first foray into menswear came courtesy of Murray Crane at Little Brother, but my introduction to the world of menswear media can be attributed solely to and its editors Tyler Thoreson and Josh Peskowitz. Before I had ever met those two in real life I'd emailed them both asking for internships (to no avail), and after I ran into Josh at the Hugo Boss show on my first day of the Paris Men's Collections back in 2009, I started sending him about three emails a month in the hopes of a leg-up.

Fast forward two years to February 2011, and I was sitting in the dining room of the Tribeca Grand Hotel for Sonny Vandevelde's seasonal backstage photography exhibition when Tyler walked past. I tapped him on the shoulder, introduced myself and told him that he should hire me for the just-launched Gilt MANual. He replied, "Oh yeah? What do you think we could be doing better?" and I froze, then fumbled around for some words before choking entirely. I walked away from that first meeting vowing to never again mess up another fortuitous opportunity.

Later that night, I sent him an email outlining exactly what I thought they could be doing better, and why they should hire me, and I received an email back almost immediately saying, 'Good ideas, let's talk again soon.'

After literally months and months of emails, I managed to pin Josh down for a meeting in Paris, and then again in New York, and a few days after the run-in with Tyler, at Sugar on the corner of Allen and Houston, he told me they'd send some work my way.

My first piece for Gilt MANual was a story about The Perfect White Tee, which ran on May 19 2011, then came the phone call I'd been waiting for for years – Tyler called me up and told me that if I came to New York, they'd trial me out as editorial assistant for Gilt MANual. I was jubilant for two days, then devastated when Tyler emailed me to say that the NZ/USA VISA issues were too difficult to deal with.

I kept pitching stories to the MANual and receiving the occasional email back, then a couple of weeks later, Tyler emailed me with a new proposal, asking if I'd be interested in taking on a mammoth contract writing 1500 of Gilt's new menswear site's clothing descriptions. I said yes and the site ended up being Park & Bond. A week after that, he emailed again asking if I'd be interested in interviewing the top menswear editors, stylists and personalities for the MANual at the Milan and Paris Menswear Collections. I said yes once again.

The first was an arduous task that had me writing snappy editorial style descriptions for eight hours a day for eight or so weeks, and it eventually enabled me to live in New York without having to worry about working for my first three or four months.

The second was quick, easy, great fun, and gave me the perfect excuse to network with the top editors, stylists and personalities in the menswear game. It was through that gig that I first got to know Bruce Pask, the team at GQ, Matthew Schneier, Eugene Tong, Nick Wooster and so many others who have been instrumental in my attempts to nut out a career as a writer here in New York.

About six weeks ago, Tyler emailed me again saying we were due a catch-up. We sat down for coffee at Pret a Manger on Lexington and he told me he was interested in doing a series of how-to-wear stories based around me dressing Tom Bull (who Gilt and Park & Bond have used extensively over the past six months).

Yesterday, the first installment of The Tom & Isaac Show dropped on Park & Bond, titled That's A Wrap (it's about summer scarves and how to wear them).


Special thanks to Tyler and the team at Park & Bond for giving us this opportunity – here's to many more to come. Special thanks to Tom for being awesome, and Noah for taking such great photos. Besides making me ludicrously happy, it proves, yet again, that perseverance is key. Talent will only take you so far – drive and ambition will seal the deal every single time. Also: You can never email somebody too many times. Right?



Jenny said...

So that's how you do it. A lot of drive and persistence, plenty of chutzpah. Well done Ise. Really like the first instalment of The Tom and Isaac Show on Park & Bond. Great styling too. 

Tyler Thoreson said...

The emails helped get the ball rolling, but it was seeing you and Tom in action at Boom Boom that sealed the deal.

isaaclikes said...


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A. said...

Didn't they get super angry about you sending them heaps of emails? I'm always anxious about sending follow-ups, and then follow-ups to follow-ups, in case I become a laughing-stock in their office or something (I've been witness to such a thing happening here in NZ) or in case they'd want to punch me if I ever met them in real life.

isaaclikes said...

I haven't been punched yet, so I guess so far so good...?

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TeeVanity said...

Lovely and inspiring. Congrats!

Livinz said...

Great post! And very inspiring and true. :) 


Livinz said...

p.s. - Tom is super hot and I walk past him on the way home every day outside the Barker's store in Wellington. *happy face* Glad to see his beard is growing back in. 

leilanigl said...

Nope. It's part of their job (/decency as someone who's "made it") to sift through this stuff for the next Isaac. It benefits them too, and if they want to punch you for it (or gossip about it) they aren't worth working for. Dicks will be dicks, but the good ones will answer. Eventually.

Jimmy said...

great story, hard working attitude gets you places!  summer scarf? i'll leave that with my winter shorts......

Jimmy said...

ok just went to the Park&Bond article and how cool is it that you can hover over the item to see description and price then if you like it, click and add to cart....WOW well done