Monday, June 4, 2012

#2191 The Likes List – Summer Menswear Edition

1. It's fairly well documented by now that everything Ovadia & Sons does is solid gold, but the brothers' indigo linen pants are so fecking good, I don't even know what to do with myself.

2. My obsession with short sleeve shirts isn't going anywhere fast, and Topman has a surprisingly excellent selection – wear them buttoned with rolled up sleeves, or open over a white tee shirt. So good.

3. I blogged about this one the other day, but I went into the Club Monaco store this weekend and actually tried it on and their short sleeve grey crewneck sweater is amazing. Seriously, one of the best fitting, freshest pieces of menswear I've seen in a long time. And for less that $60, who can beat it?

4. Belvest's garment washed cotton blazer is the best one I've seen all season, and it's on sale at Park & Bond right now. Methinks the forbidden fruit must be tasted.

5. Aaaaand these polka dot swim shorts.

6. I picked up this Arpenteur jacket in a faded olive green from C'H'C'M' today, and I've got a feeling I'll still be wearing it in 20 years. It reminded me of my ultimate summer outerwear piece – a blue worker jacket that the male waiters wear at Cafe Gitane, but I still can't figure out where to get one. Anybody know?

7. J Crew is doing a flecked grey marle cotton knit sweater right now that has a v insert at the neck and I am obsessed with it. Those guys know the value of close fitting knitwear like no other brand. And for $62.50, it'd be rude not to buy it.

8. If you can't afford Ovadia & Sons, but you still want that fit, do what I've been doing: head to J Crew, pick up a pair of their Bowery pants in the Urban Slim Fit, take them to your tailor, get them tapered, cropped and cuffed and you'll be wearing them a week later with change from one hundred bucks.

9. I'm seeing these Vans everywhere right now – my friend Olivia wears hers sockless with American blue denim. So fresh.

10. But obviously you can't beat the old faithfuls. I'll be wearing my navy blue Chuck Taylors all summer long.



lum1ey said...

8 is a great idea.

Elizabeth said...

9. always.

Guest said...

You can buy those Gitane jackets from Marlow and Sons

isaaclikes said...

For real!? Holla!!

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reiddamnit said...

 except we don't have any right now...

isaaclikes said...

Ohhh maaaan

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