Thursday, June 21, 2012

#2203 What's in store at Acne – the outtakes

Photos: Noah Emrich of NOVH fame
We shot our latest What's in store at the brand new Acne store in SoHo precisely one hour after it had officially opened for business. That meant that the retail crew were still ironing out a couple of kinks and construction workers were putting the final nails in the dressing room adjacent to the one that I filled with every men's piece in sight. Highlights included Amy, the Kiwi shop assistant; the fact that the trousers fit better off the rack than the ones I've been getting tailored recently; not to mention the miracle that Noah and I didn't squabble once, which is particularly rare, seeing as we typically bicker like an old married couple. God bless that boy. Click here to check out all the photos and the full story over on the Times site, and below to see all the outtakes that didn't make the cut. Did I mention it's 36 degrees in New York today? I'm freaking out man!



Guest said...

I love the photos on the NYTimes website, ecspecially the stubbies showing the manly legs! Serriously though the brown suit on the front is amazing.
Andrew HHM

isaaclikes said...

Holla shawty!

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elisha said...

 ACNE!...I love (sigh)  :)  

alohas from maui.