Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#2226 The facts of life

1. Are you in New York? Are you looking for something to do tomorrow that will be better than ANYTHING else that is going on? Yeah you are. Yeahhhh you are. Happily for you (and for me), my fellow New Zealander, Zara Mirkin, is hosting her very first photography exhibition alongside Moni from Johnnysbird and Andres Altamirano at famed punk boutique Bess from 7:00pm – 9:00pm. I know what you're thinking... Zara Mirkin takes photographs? Since when? Since ages ago, that's when. I've seen them, they're bloody good, and they're filled with beautiful girls, strange boys, crazy freaks and dirty punks. You'll love it. See you tomorrow night! (The photograph above is a sample of her work. Be there.)

2. New Zealand won its first medal today at the Olympics! It was a bronze, and it was in horse riding, but still pretty good, neigh? GO THE KIWIS!

3. Bryan Boy blogged a bunch of photos I took of him in the weekend, and accused me of spilling Indian curry sauce on his floor. Before I get all McLibel on his ass, I'd like it to be known, for the record, that I am a very tidy eater and I never spill on the floor, my clothes or the table. That is all.

4. I must have blogged this 400 times, but why is it that the easiest thing in the world is giving advice and the hardest thing in the world is taking it?

5. Did anybody else read GQ's  James Deen profile and come to the conclusion that being a male porn star is about as undesirable an occupation as cleaning toilets? Me too.

6. You know how you're not supposed to send angry emails? The same applies for all forms of communication – talk included. It's a rule that I reallllllllly need to learn. (And goes back to number 4.)

7. Also going back to number 4., sometimes all you need to do is step back and look at how you're behaving and think: Maybe I'm going a little over the top and what I'm feeling doesn't actually reflect the thing I'm getting all pent up over. Sometimes you realise that way too late.

8. And sometimes the best idea is to drop your phone in a glass of water and run away from your laptop very fast.

9. Seeing a theme here? I think Marvin's Room is the perfect song to sum up this week's Facts of life. Anybody else who's Draking Out out there needs to remember that golden rule that I sometimes forget: Everything's going to be alright.

10. Finally, I've been shooting a lot lately and I plan on keeping it up. Watch out for a couple of posts on workwear jackets I shot with Bryan Boy yesterday underneath the Freedom Tower. In one of them, I channeled everybody's favourite photographer. You'll know it when you see it.

11. Finally, finally, not to get all intense on you, but it's really easy to forget how lucky I am to be living in New York, blogging about whatever I like and making the most of life. If you've noticed a bit of a disconnect on the blog over the past few weeks (or even months), it's because I found myself sinking into a dark place where I began questioning everything and freaking out instead of doing something to try and change it. This all relates back to that Curse of the Freelancer post I wrote a while back. I'm not out of the slump yet, but this afternoon, for the first time in ages, I found myself starting to feel a little like my normal self. I thank two inspiring compatriots – Gala Darling and Zara Mirkin – and my insightful roommate Ljubo for the kick in the backside that I so badly needed. (Special mentions also need to go to my friends Olivia, Simon, Sheida, Jack and Jenny, my family – Mum, Dad, Rebeccah and Katherine – and of course Ashika for letting me be a broken record for literally weeks on end.) Things can only get better. Thanks for sticking with me.



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Anandrewhibbert said...

Here's to a new month and a new you brother!
Andrew HHM

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John O Saunders said...

Depression is a word we do not use as often as we should. Some of us get over it in a month or two, never to return.  Others have to endure it for the rest of their life.  I pray that you can  kick it out od your life and get on with what you ARE good at.  I love you too.

isaaclikes said...

Thank you so kind!

Asf said...

Sorry you've been feeling down. You are very lucky, but even lucky people have bad days, weeks and months. It's just human. 

Take solo walks in nature (or as close to nature as you can get in NY). I swear it's the best way to feel centered/at peace.  

isaaclikes said...

Thank you.

Laho said...

#3... Rubbish! I cant let you get away with that one. You smack like a mofo when you eat son! Hahaaaa!

Hope your all good son, give anada pig hand for yourself.


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#3 - hanging out with Bryan Boy #nohomo