Saturday, November 17, 2012

#2266 The Tan Camera Experience

I'll tell you what's a freaky experience for an OCD control freak like myself – allowing someone into my bedroom to rifle through my colour-coordinated, garment-segregated, evenly spaced wardrobe, pick things out that they like, dump them on my bed, then tell me what to wear. I lasted one outfit with Kimi Selfridge of Tan Camera fame (a Williamsburg photographer who's been making the blogger rounds of late), before my inner Raymond Babbit surfaced. "Uh oh, definitely should wear these pants with that shirt... definitely definitely. Uh oh!" Besides that, shooting with Kim was great fun – she takes you outside, puts you in a location, then makes you stand perfectly still while she snaps away with four different cameras, including one which double exposes you in the final print. The results are intriguing; it's like looking at yourself over several very different eras of photography – Instagram for the manual age, if you will. These were shot for an ongoing project, and if I'm extra well-behaved, she might include me again in the future. Check out all the shots below!



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libs said...

This is so sweet, love the tagging and the double exposures!
Awesome blog, so great bumping into more kiwi bloggers, I'm super new to this but I bet there can't be too many of us!

Also from the east coast. Well very north east coast :)