Tuesday, November 20, 2012

#2267 Good Looks from Little Brother – Montauk Polo

We're a sports obsessed nation here in New Zealand but it's no revelation that our favourite pastime – rugby – hasn't had a positive impact on the menswear aesthetic. That said, there was a glory time when rugby jerseys had style; some even came in pretty colour combinations. Our Montauk Polo harks back to those days: When men were men, and women loved them for it (no matter how good they looked in their clothes). And as our good friend Maddy Buddy proves below, the ladies will look pretty good in this one, too.

Photos: Katherine Lowe
Models: Alex at Clyne and Maddy Budd



Maggie said...

Very nice. I like it.

Nokta Lehmann said...

I love the grey & burgundy colour combination!

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